4 Free Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) for Small Businesses


Eager to scale yet lacking heavy investments, SMBs often struggle to optimize their recruitment pipelines. Fortunately, there are a number of free Applicant Tracking Systems which can help enhance visibility and ensure better hiring. We share four recommendations.

Recruitment is a key challenge for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), many of whom lack robust employer branding which generally attracts the brightest minds. Further, during their growth stage, SMBs must balance talent and costs, often processing resumes in bulk before finding the right hire. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS)Opens a new window simplifies this process by aggregating data from multiple sources in a single platform. However, ATS solutions can be expensive, necessitating easy to use free Applicant Tracking Systems for SMBs.

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How can Free Applicant Tracking Systems help SMBs?

An ATSOpens a new window will allow SMBs to post one or more jobs across various channels. This increases visibility, automatically bringing in candidates from LinkedIn, job boards, other sources, which wouldn’t be possible manually. A free ATS will also let SMBs achieve this completely free-of-cost. It is important to remember, however, that even these free Applicant Tracking Systems could have monetized services built into the solution, allowing the provider to earn revenues. Also, some free Applicant Tracking Systems follow a freemium model, requiring payment beyond a specific threshold.

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4 Free Applicant Tracking Systems for SMBs

OpenCATS is an open source ATS for any environment

This is a free Applicant Tracking System compatible with both Linux and Windows environments, deployed on-premise and then connected to a browser interface. It can also be integrated with select content management systems and boasts an active user community. OpenCATSOpens a new window is quite robust for a free Applicant Tracking System including all the necessary features such as resume handling, reporting, and candidate tracking. However, as an open source tool, it does not provide official support and would require some technical expertise to configure.

Zoho RecruitOpens a new window is the Free Version of a World-Leading Solution

When it comes to HR tools for SMBs, Zoho needs no introduction. This HR tech company provides a free Applicant Tracking System as part of Recruit offering; this can be accessed free of cost by one recruiter for five job offerings simultaneously. Crossing this, users would have to pay $ 25 a month, which is still largely affordable. The best part is that it comes with prompt support services and integration with Google and ZohoOpens a new window apps.

SmartRecruitersOpens a new window offers a Free Applicant Tracking System for 50 Resumes per Month

As mentioned, this is one of free Applicant Tracking Systems which is monetized by providing in-app purchases. Users can pay for third-party services from Monster and LinkedIn from within the App. The free version of this ATS is limited to 50 resumes, after which additional credits need to be purchased. The great thing that an SMB can switch to a pay version when it’s ready to scale or stick to the Free Applicant Tracking System which enables publication to hundreds of job boards at a single click.

Calibrace is a Free Applicant Tracking System with a Great UI and High Efficiency

Its visually appealing user interface is what sets CalibraceOpens a new window apart. Personas other than applicants and recruiters are available, and post-hire employee accounts can also be maintained. This free Applicant Tracking System gives SMBs end-to-end visibility across the recruitment lifecycle, free for up to five job posts. Recruitment data is graphically represented for easy understanding and continuous referral tracking.

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In the current recruitment climate, ATS solutions are an absolute essential for recruiters trying to meet and exceed set benchmarks. These free Applicant Tracking Systems make this technology available to a wide base of customers, without heavy upfront spends. As the company grows and hiring volumes exponentially, SMBs could easily switch to a paid version without denting the bottom line.

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