5 Reasons Employee Benefits Increase Staff Performance


Increasing the productivity of your staff can be a difficult task. Often, the reasons as to why staff performance is not as high as it should be are related to how valued employees feel, writes Adam Reynolds, a freelance writer.

Paying employees a set wage or salary usually isn’t enough if you want to build a positive relationship between employees and the company. A study by Employee BenefitsOpens a new window revealed that 25% of people believed that their productivity at work would improve if they received perks or employee benefits. The same study also found that 70% of people didn’t feel that they were valued by their work team. There are several reasons that employee benefits can increase staff performance: here are five of them:

1. It Can Give Employees Something To Work Towards

There is rarely anything for employees to work towards in the workplace that isn’t their salary. Although it can be argued that some employees may be working towards promotions or being given more responsibilities, those in roles with little chance of movement in the company can feel downtrodden. Giving employees perks based on performance can be a good way to increase productivity and give them something to work towards each month. Putting a scheme in place like this can also introduce some friendly competition in the workplace.

2. It Can Make Employees Feel Valued

As stated above, many employees don’t feel valued in their roles. This is understandable as when there are no perks or benefits on offer it can feel as if they are simply working to increase the salaries and bonuses of directors. This isn’t a good way to feel in the workplace: feeling as if you are part of a team and that your role really is valued is hugely important. Often in large corporations, employees can feel as if they are simply just another number. Although this business model may work for some, companies that treat their employees well often have higher staff retention.

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3. Employee Benefits May Genuinely Improve The Lives Of Employees

Many people, especially those in low salaried roles, can struggle financially in this ever-changing economy. This means that certain employee benefits may be very valuable to them. Some people may rely on childcare options, or flexible working patterns to be able to work. It is important to recognize that some employee benefits may greatly improve the lives of your staff. If employees value their roles and the perks they include, they are likely to work to the best of their abilities in order to keep these.

4. They Can Positively Impact Health And Wellbeing

Although it may sound cliche, a healthy team may be a happy team. Many companies offer gym memberships or memberships to clubs that focus on health and wellbeing. This is a perk that can greatly improve productivity in staff. Exercise does many wonderful things to the body that increase mood and focus, so offering this perk to your employees is likely to show in their performance at work.

5. It Boosts Morale

Anyone that has ever attended an event regarding success in the workplace will know the importance of morale. A positive workforce is likely to yield positive results, and using benefits and perks is a great way to ensure this. It is paramount that companies do all they can to promote happiness, confidence and overall job satisfactionOpens a new window among their employees. If employees feel they are valued and that their personal needs are being met, they are likely to perform better. Some employees now offer counseling or therapy sessions as part of their employee perks, this can have a positive effect on the mental health of workers and make them feel supported in times of need.

Types Of Employee Benefits That Enhance Productivity

There are a number of perks that can benefit employees, including childcare options, flexible working hours and time off for birthdays and public holidays. Some employees also appreciate the option to work from home occasionally: this can be for a number of reasons, including the time it takes for them to commute to work or commuting costs. There are also several ways to improve productivity through HR.Opens a new window Ensuring employees are satisfied in all areas at work is likely to positively impact their performance – ensure you look at guidesOpens a new window that help provide you with the tools you need for happier employees.

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