A Moment of Reckoning for Martech User Experience: Sprinklr Releases New Enhancements to Its CXM Platform


Sprinklr launches over 750 new features to inspire better customer experiences

Sprinklr, the customer experience management platform, announced last week that it had released a comprehensive set of capabilities aimed at helping marketers design better digital experiences. The company says the release features over 750 new capabilities across five products – Modern Marketing, Modern Advertising, Modern Research, Modern Care, and Modern Engagement.

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Key additions to Sprinkler’s platform include:

  • Modern Marketing:

New Campaign Details Pane helps marketers access information like tasks and comments more seamlessly across messages, campaigns, and sub-campaigns.

New Table View in Production Dashboard offers predictive search, multi-level sorting, quick keyboard navigation, and easy keyboard copy and paste.

  • Modern Advertising:

New Ads Manager allows marketers to implement workflow improvements and reorganize content, which allows for quick ad location, creating duplicate campaigns, designing ads or ad sets faster, editing ads and using keyboard navigation to realize better ROI on media spends.

Marketers can assign Strategy Groups to Ads Composer or Ads Manager to ensure campaigns are being executed as efficiently as possible. Strategy Groups also include capabilities such as Smart Budget Allocation, Smart Bidding, Pacing Groups, and more.

  • Modern Research:

AI-powered Smart Themes Explorer helps marketers discover top themes automatically synthesized from conversations using unsupervised clustering. Marketers can glean richer insights from clusters, particularly when analyzing conversations, sentiments, shifts, and trends.

Smart Alerts on Themes allow users to monitor their brand, executives, products, and customer experience to proactively address potential crisis events.

  • Modern Engagement:

Shoppable Stores offer an innovative alternative to conventional ads by allowing users to create and manage an immersive storefront to drive revenue and provide customers with access to their best products. Storefronts can be linked to a brand’s Instagram account that enables better engagement with shoppers.

Period-over-Period Reporting capabilities empower marketers to analyze and compare campaign performance by selecting a matching previous period. The performance of both the periods is displayed in a single widget to allow marketers to benchmark performance and take corrective action.

  • Sprinklr Platform:

Embeddable Presentations allow marketers to tap into Sprinklr’s Presentation Live Dataâ„¢ technology capabilities across more channels.

Omnichannel Bot Protocol helps users enable any third party bot to participate in a conversation with customers on any of the Modern Messaging channels such as Twitter, WhatsApp, and Sprinklr Love Chat.

“This is just a sampling of the hundreds of new features we’re releasing. Thank you to our valuable customers and partners for providing feature suggestions we use to continuously expand the breadth and depth of our CXM platform,” writesOpens a new window Pavitar Singh, CTO at Sprinklr.

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What Does This Mean for Marketers?

While CX innovations have typically been customer-facing, vendors and organizations have quickly realized that user-experience of a software solution also plays a major role in the overall customer experience.

At a time when organizations are looking to support their employees and improve efficiency, user-experience of Martech solutions will be a key differentiator for brands. Easy-to-use and customizable solutions allow brands to do more with less.

Typically, marketers have been conditioned to think of user experience in the context of consumer-level products, software, and websites. Social media sites, mobile apps, and digital music services are some examples of areas where user experience is increasingly being emphasized today. Until recently, marketers and Martech had not underlined the need for this kind of user-centred design philosophy.

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However, marketing is changing. Marketers and end users of Martech solutions expect systems they work with to mirror their personal experiences with technology. In other words, they expect their Martech solutions to “just work”. To that end, Sprinklr’s host of new releases aims to deliver a smoother experience for marketers using their product. It is a welcome shift in vendor perception as Martech UX is being prioritized at a time when people are increasingly working remotely. Better UX means higher productivity.

That’s where Sprinklr wants to make a difference.