Abnormal Security’s VendorBase Mitigates Cyber Attack & BEC Risks From the Supply Chain


VendorBase from Abnormal Security enhances supply chain security and prevents business email compromise (BEC) attacks by evaluating vendors across several criteria and detecting advanced social engineering attacks on enterprises.

Cloud email security platform Abnormal Security is stepping up the fight against email account compromise attacksOpens a new window – also known as Business Email Compromise (BEC) with its new offering, VendorBase, currently available in Beta and preview.

Vendor Base is a federated database that can track the credibility of vendors and customers of an organization, and improve accuracy to detect advanced social engineeringOpens a new window attacks at enterprise scale.

Business Email CompromiseOpens a new window (BEC) attacks are a form of cybercrime that uses email fraud to attack commercial, governmental, and non-profit organizations to achieve a specific outcome that has a negative impact on the target organization. To illustrate the point, Abnormal Security shared a real example of a recent $700,000 invoice fraud BEC attack on a large telecommunications company, that was patiently executed over two months, ultimately detected and prevented by Abnormal Security’s software.

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VendorBase is designed to enhance the company’s Cloud email securityOpens a new window platform by providing customers with more insight and visibility into a vendor’s reputation and transactions. It provides organizations with opportunities to see detailed data that includes profile details of all vendors’ risk assessment scores, risk scoring explanations, a timeline view of relevant email, and security activity.

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“We see vendor and customer account compromise growing as a technique used in business email compromise attacks. To stop attacks using this technique, enterprises need to know if a vendor is compromised immediately. VendorBase blocks attacks from compromises in the supply chain by automating the process when one of its vendors ‘turns red’,” said Rami Habal, Chief Product Officer, Abnormal Security in an exclusive comment to Toolbox. He added that VendorBase automates the process of creating visibility into supply chain side vulnerabilities, providing insight into which vendors are known risk vectors.

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VendorBase platform computes a risk score for every vendor by assessing email communication of the vendor across three aspects :

  • If the vendor’s domains have been impersonated or spoofed;
  • If the vendor has been compromised;
  • If the vendor is not legitimate or is a suspicious vendor.

A recent report from ISACAOpens a new window stated that over 51% of enterprises are not prepared for a cybersecurity attack, that’s where products like VendorBase play a key role in detecting and preventing cybersecurity attacks..

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