Beamery Launches TalentGPT, the First Generative AI for HR Technology


Beamery recently launched TalentGPT, the first generative AI for HR technology. The AI is expected to personalize the insights and recommendations for its users. It is also expected to transform talent acquisition and management experience.

Beamery, a talent lifecycle management solutions provider, has announced that it has launched TalentGPT, the first generative AI for HR technology. With TalentGPT, Beamery aims to transform talent acquisition as well as talent management experience with generative AI.

TalentGPT To Deliver Personalized Experiences to Users

TalentGPT offers a single assistant using Beamery’s proprietary AI and Talent Graph, OpenAI’s GPT-4, and a few other pre-trained Large Language Models (LLMs). This combination is expected to help TalentGPT personalize the insights and recommendations it provides to its users, such as recruiters, candidates, managers, and employees. The combination is also expected to allow TalentGPT to generate content that adapts to changing customer requirements and information in real time.

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For example, TalentGPT may generate new job descriptions and make them relevant to the skills companies lack and capabilities that make high performers successful. Similarly, it may be able to provide career recommendations to employees, guide them based on their current skills, and recommend where they should develop themselves to get their next promotion.

TalentGPT Use Case

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Beamery also claims that it is the first organization to undergo an independent audit of its AI models to ensure there is no bias.

Talking about TalentGPT, Sultan Saidov, co-founder and president of Beamery, saidOpens a new window , “We are not just incorporating TalentGPT into all of our products — this new technology is enabling us to radically simplify and redesign all of our user experiences. It is hard to overstate how much these advances in AI technology are improving the interactions we can provide to our users, and how much time we can save people in achieving complex tasks.”

He further told Spiceworks, “Generative AI in HR presents an opportunity to create uniquely personalized experiences across the talent lifecycle — from generating better job descriptions, to helping employees take the next step in their career, to helping executives answer critical talent questions. With concerns around compliance within AI rising, we’ve also focused on mitigating the risks typically associated with ChatGPT and other large language models by connecting them with our bias-audited AI controls.”

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