Best Ways to Maximize Customer Experiences: Marketing Customers Love


Every customer wants to feel important. They want fast shipping and free or discounted services. That’s why how you market your products and services can help customers not only enjoy shopping with you, but they’ll come back for more.

From creating an ideal experience customers will love through offers and discounts to optimized services and helpful way to increase engagement, here are a few ways to optimize the customer experience. Customers will fall in love with your brand.

Make It Personal.

In 2015, a marketing survey found 60 percentOpens a new window of stores cited their retention rate was lower than 20 percent. Despite technological advances, customers want to connect with you. And, they want a good experience. Whether it’s email, texts, or phone, help customers with their questions. When they feel important, they’ll continue to shop with you.

Here’s how to personalize experiences:

Reach target audiences with the best responses.

Older generations may want live agents or discount flyer by mail. Younger generations are fine with automated text responses and social media.

Engage customers through social media.

Older generations use Facebook and Pinterest. Younger demographics use Instagram.

• Use fun tips about your products and services.

• Tell a story.

• Offer a flash sale.

• Ask customers to post images of them wearing your t-shirts.

• Start a sweepstakes offer or contest.

• Let influencers share their experience with your brand.

Create campaigns with goals.

Have a cause you want to promote? Start campaigns around it. It might include a part of sales that help hurricane relief victims or support local charities.

Use different ways to promote your brand.

Customers shop on sites, but they also view ads on social media:

• Consider ads for YouTube.

• Have a mix of long and short blogs about your brand.

• Add videos to your site showing products or services.

• Use influencers to promote your brand.

Offer Discounts and Sales.

While you will have seasonal sales, consider other time frames. When Amazon hosts Prime Day, for example, have your own sale.

Because customers are planning to shop, promoting your sale can drive traffic. Use email blasts, newsletters, and social media. Have influencers promote your sales, too!

Put Out the Fires.

Bad reviews or complaints can affect your business. Potential customers may not shop with you.

Readily respond to customer complaints. Let other customers and potential customers see your interactions. This transparency shows you’re responsive and taking action.

Neil PatelOpens a new window suggests:

• Let customers express their voice.

• Go out of your way to help unhappy customers.

• Check your brand for negative feedback.

• Let customers know you’re making corrections.

• Create positive reputations through good PR, social awareness, and positive reviews.

Use Abandoned Cart Discounts.

If potential customers don’t complete transactions, you need to know why. Maybe there was a site error or a discount offer didn’t work. Analytics can help resolve this. Offer abandoned cart discounts to increase conversions.

Try conversion messages like: “Oops! It looks like you left items in your cart. Shop today and take 10 percent off.” Or, “We noticed you didn’t check out. If there was a problem with your order, we’re here to help. And, we’ll include free shipping.”

Assess Customer Journey Mapping.

From the time a customer sees an ad to the close of a sale, it’s a journey the customer is on. About 90 percentOpens a new window of businesses use analytics to improve sales. Data analysis helps with tracking funnel conversions. It ensures you lead customers through the sales process.

Your conversion funnel might include:

• Total site visits.

• Total visits to specific product pages.

• Total number of products in shopping carts.

• Total purchases made.

While this funnel sounds simple, the customer decision process is complex. They may look at prices other stores offer. They may look for discounts. They may read reviews before finalizing their decision.

Drive Customers Through the Experience.

A buyer’s journey can come from several touchpoints. Touchpoints can include packaging, invoices, promos, ads, newsletters, social media, and more.

Focus on the types of products or services that you are selling as an indicator of how the conversion funnel will lead to a closed sale:
• A major sale like a home or car takes longer due to higher costs.

• A sale for staple items like food or cleaning products may be immediate. These are smaller items needed right away.

• In between, there are products where customers need marketers to help them narrow down their decisions.

New security software might include internet scans and malware tracking features. But, all security software programs include these. This is where you can push the customer through the funnel by including price comparisons, features, and benefits. Give discounted prices or trial offers to convert sales.


Helping customers during their journey can improve the customer experience. Marketers can track conversions and optimize the customer experience with deals and offers. Use social media, newsletters, and emails to reach customers. And, don’t forget to offer helpful customer service through text, voice, and emails. You’ll drive more traffic and improve conversions. And, your customers will love you.