Business Continuity Through Unbiased Succession Planning Becomes Essential to Build a Leadership Pipeline


TalentGuard has launched a new version of its succession planning software, which aims to reduce bias in succession planning decisions.

When the pandemic hit the global economy, the first concern of organizations was employee safety. The second concern was maintaining business continuity, primarily through internal growth. Talent managementOpens a new window continues to be an elusive area and a critical one. Irrespective of the current crisis, organizations are actively working on strategies that can allow them to prepare for the upswing in their businesses, whenever it happens. To do that, they need data that ensures that the talent they are choosing for senior roles especially is the right fit, and there was no bias during the decision-making process.

TalentGuardOpens a new window has just launched a new version of its succession planning software, which aims to reduce bias in succession planning and career pathing-related decisions. The software utilizes verified skill and competency data to identify high-potential employees, whose skills and potential can then be compared. This process allows organizations to create talent pools to pick candidates for leadership roles in the future.
The use of targeted software for succession planning helps use data efficiently to highlight employee skills, preferences, goals, and development plans. Data ensures that no bias is at play.

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How Unbiased Career Pathing and Succession Planning Can Benefit Organizations

While many organizations continue to focus on traditional methods of career transition and succession planningOpens a new window for internal roles, there are many advantages of using the right software in addition to the removal of the bias.

1. Creation of a strong leadership pipeline for every level

While many companies plan for successors internally only for senior roles, there is a need to identify leadership talent at every level within the organization. It ensures that there are employees who are trained to take those roles should an immediate need arise. The right software allows you to link all HR processes in a way that all employee data flows seamlessly and is identifiable and usable. Assessing employees based on their skills, performance, and career aspirations is faster, especially as the number of employees in the workforce keeps increasing.

2. Identification of succession gaps

Some software such as Succession WizardOpens a new window provide companies with the option to assess gaps in succession and immediately draw up plans to meet those gaps. This simplifies the role of the HR team, as the flowcharts the software creates help implement succession planning strategies.

3. Employee development plans

Some software options allow employees to create their own career development paths and take charge of their growth. This approach makes the option of self-service easier and ensures uniformity in the plans. Besides, it captures the aspirations of the identified talent pool and offers insight to managers and HR about what employees truly want.

4. Mentoring support

One of the critical career development activities is mentoring by leaders and managers. Software such as UltiproOpens a new window has a dedicated library of suggested activities and actions to guide managers on how they can coach and engage employees.

5. Multiple succession plans

All employees who seem to be a fit for a role will not be able to move into it. That could leave them disengaged and unhappy with the whole process of succession planning. This is preventable through some HR software such as EmpxtrackOpens a new window , which enables the creation of several succession plans for employees – including short, medium, and long-term succession plans for each key role in the organization.

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Each succession planning software that exists in the HR technology market has a range of unique features that help to deliver great employee experienceOpens a new window as well. To ensure that each employee feels seen and heard, identify the specific need of the software before purchasing it, test it on a small group before deploying it organization-wide, and ensure that you collect feedback on its effectiveness. The aim should be to provide transparency to employees, so they know they are being evaluated fairly for professional growth and development within the organization.