Calling All Mobile Marketers: Beat App Fatigue With These 3 Savvy Strategies


With new apps being introduced every day, consumers are left with download overload. Use these three mobile marketing strategies to cut through the noise and make your customers feel proud to have your app on their home screen says, Dave Dabbah, CMO, CleverTap.

Open the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and count all the applications you see. Just kidding — it is literally impossible. Today, millions of apps are available for download, with new ones being submitted for approval every single day. But for brands, merely releasing an app on the marketplace is not enough. According to TechJuryOpens a new window , the average smartphone owner uses 9 to 10 apps daily and 30 apps each month. With app fatigue at an all-time high, customers have to be incredibly choosy about who gets a slice of the precious storage space on their phones, and brands need to provide maximum value to make the cut.

To stand out and increase downloads, marketers need to put the customer first and do everything in their power to prevent them from hitting the most dreaded button of all — “uninstall.” Luckily, there are ways to adjust your mobile marketing strategy to make the most of direct messaging and sidestep inundating your audience with notifications willy nilly. Read on to learn three surefire strategies to ensure every message you send meets a set of welcoming eyes.

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1. Show You Are a Good Listener With Personalization

Take a deep breath, pause, and forget about making a sale for just a moment. Repivot by swapping seats with your customer or taking a walk in their shoes. Would you want to be thought of as only a lead to be shoved into the sales funnel? Or would you prefer to be thought of as a real human being who simply cannot be subjected to pings and dings coming from your phone all day?

The reality is that people have lives full of responsibilities — demanding jobs, family responsibilities, pets, and the list goes on. It is the marketer’s most important mission to show customers their app holds a solution and will make their lives easier. By leveraging data to glean real-time insights, marketers can create personalized campaigns that resonate and ultimately bring joy.

Pay attention to how your users engage with your app, social media, review forums, and marketing campaigns. Are they more likely to open your app in the morning or the evening? Are they chattering on Twitter about how confusing your user interface is? Do they seem to get really jazzed when your campaign weaves in daily promotions or deals?

These types of engagement insights are worth their weight in gold. Agile (and smart) mobile marketers use them to tweak their strategies on the fly, segment their messaging, lobby for design upgrades, and push for budgets that allot for campaigns that actually work.

2. If You Want Retention, Do Not Be a Creep

With great power comes great responsibility. Once you start using data insights to bring increased ROI to your mobile marketing engine, it is very easy to go overboard and start treading into tricky data privacy waters or giving off “big brother” vibes. To avoid frightening or annoying your customers, think long and hard about the data and information you actually need to drive value, customer experience, and retention, and do not ask for an ounce more.

With consumers becoming increasingly aware of the amount of raw data being siphoned from them through a bevy of apps, it is crucial to be mindful of their anxiety if you are going to have a chance at access. Pew Research CenterOpens a new window found that 70% of adults feel their personal data is less secure than five years ago. In light of this, consumer privacy protection acts are popping up left and right, and control is being placed in the hands of consumers. With this in mind, a food delivery service that requests access to your health information is bound to raise some eyebrows. Sidestep this snafu by airing on the safe side and being prudent about your data permissions requests.

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3. First Impressions Matter — A Lot

Now that you are iterating on your app with customer feedback in mind and playing it uber safe with your data collection policies, it is time to nail your first impression. According to a recent study done by the enterprise software company UplandOpens a new window , 25% of users abandon apps after just one use. This means your onboarding process needs to be as buttoned-up as possible if you are to forgo an early uninstall.

The best way to pull this off is by demonstrating the importance and value of your app from the get-go. You could offer a quick tour of the app upon download that helps users find exactly what they need. You could also provide a first-time promotion that will encourage new customers to start engaging with your app right away.

If you want to take it a step further, share a short survey upon the first launch that will gauge their interests and help you personalize campaigns from the jump. At the end of the day, your customer downloaded your app for a reason. You already have them hooked. Just make sure you make all moves necessary to show them they made a great choice.

Rise Above the Rest

In a world that is full of batch-and-blasts and desperate attempts for engagement, use the above tips to separate your brand from the herd. It is always tempting to feel pressured to protect the bottom line or meet a quota, but great mobile marketers do not forgo relationship building for the sake of quick-turn profit. Instead, they focus on smart, compassionate strategies that drive sustainable growth at scale and put retention at the heart of every strategy.