Our Projects

Building Predictive Analytics Module for E-Commerce Platform

Read the case study to figure out how our team worked over the creation of a custom predictive analytics system to enhance the Client’s existing ecommerce platform and improve sales

Business Intelligence Solution for Retail Platform

Learn how we built a robust BI solution that caters to the clients business needs and enhances the retailers decision-making process. Also, discover how we implemented NLP in the trading platform.

Full-Cycle Web Application Development for a Retail Company

Learn how Essid Solutions team has provided the client with full-cycle software development services. See how we developed a solid high-performing website with a predictive analytics module for product demand forecasting for a retail company.

Customer Review Analytics Solution for E-commerce

Customer Review Analytics solution for the E-commerce client by Essi Solutions. Learn how we developed a custom product review analytics that detects and analyzes sentiment and provides live insights for the client.

Customer 360 Platform

SaaS model is the unique approach that knits your data into a single whole. Read how Essid Solutions turned siloed data into actionable customer 360 insights.

Efficient Website Data Scraping for Improved Data Management

Learn how we’ve developed a robust and resilient solution for website data scraping. It enables ease of implementation and data extraction at scale. The solution has significantly improved the client’s data management.