Creating a Shared, Single View of the Customer


Focusing attention on customers can bring much better results than focusing on a product itself. It has been true for many years but in the last decade this approach became an integral part of marketing strategy for most successful and innovative companies. By combining three areas – strategy, efficiency and analytics – companies can create a unique view of the customer. A well thought-out strategy of reaching the customer entails a thorough understanding of the objectives, agreeing on metrics, re-examining processes and roles, and selecting an appropriate technology platform. The more data collided with different systems, the greater the chance to draw constructive conclusions. Build individualized experiences for the client: reach him with personalized retargeting and offer him content corresponding to his stage of journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital Transformation is driving changing buyer needs
  • Enterprises must create a single unified view of the customer to meet those changes
  • Marketing needs to take a leadership role
  • Create shared objectives
  • Re-examine processes and roles
  • Select appropriate technology platform

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