Driving Social Change with Social Media: Snap Partners with Creative Equals


Snap announces Snap Creative Council to bridge the industry-creative gap

Snap’s partnership with Creative Equals signifies its commitment to driving social change. We explore what it means for marketers.

Snapchat yesterday announced its partnership with Creative Equals in the UK. The social platform will launch Snap Creative Council (SCC) to bridge the gap between the creative industry and Snapchatters. The SCC will feature leading creative professionals in the UK from agencies such as Isobar, Leo Burnett, and Wunderman Thompson, as well as freelancers.

The partnership seeks to encourage Snapchatters to the platform to address social issues in the UK. Through the SCC, selected creatives will nominate small use teams to develop pitches based on this year’s two cause-related briefs – mental health and civic duty among Gen Z and millennials.

The UK SCC will judge all submitted campaigns and the winning work will be professionally produced and launched on Snapchat supported with media.

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Collective groups will also donate $100,000 to a global charity through the Snap Creative Council, which will be chosen from a shortlist of five charities.

Will Scougal, global director of creative strategy at Snap, believes that SCC will serve a powerful platform comprised of a diverse and inclusive professionals from the advertising industry.

Among the UK Snap Creative Council are: Lydia Amoah, learning and cross-cultural director, Creative Equals; Simon Gill, chief creative officer, Isobar; Dino Myers-Lamptey, founder, The Barber Shop; Gracie Page, director of emerging technology, VMLY&R; and Shirin Majid, deputy executive creative director, VCCP Kin.

Snapchat had collaborated with Creative Equals in 2017 and 2018 to foster dialog within the creative industry. Creative leaders in the SCC believe that the small screen is the ideal platform through which big change can be delivered.

Social Media for Change: Why Should Marketers Care?

Snap’s SCC can be viewed as the platform’s broader commitment to support mental health and promote civic duty to the platform’s 220 million daily users. Marketers and agencies associated with the platform welcome this opportunity to create campaigns that have a positive effect on minority communities around the world.

Over the past few years, social issues such as climate change, justice, and poverty have inspired people to take action and find better ways to improve their communities and societies at large. As efforts to solve these issues grow over time, business, and more specifically, tech’s role in driving social change has become critical.

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Snap’s partnership with Creative Equals provides marketers and advertisers an opportunity to become a part of the global movement for better human societies. In the past, social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter have also addressed emerging issues through their platform and tools. Companies and marketers are starting to realize the importance of thinking long-term and considering social impact of their products and services.

For marketers looking to become a part of sustainable capitalism, platforms like Snap, Facebook, and Twitter, represent great opportunities to connect and serve their communities. However, large scale change doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time and effort. But through a purpose-driven approach, businesses, marketers, and companies can create a more sustainable future.