Employee Care Is the Latest Benefit: Limeade’s New Features Address This Requirement


Limeade has announced new innovations designed to help companies show genuine concern for their employees. Limeade Well-Being, Limeade Engagement, and Limeade Inclusion will deliver on these requirements.

There has been a dramatic shift in the priorities of companies concerning their employees in the past six months. With the pandemic and forced work-from-home situation, the emphasis on employee wellness and recognition has overpowered the need to track their productivity. Performance is essential, but organizations now understand that the drivers of employee performance lie in the degree to which they feel recognized and cared for by their employers. These elements form a part of the overall employee experience.

Limeade Launches New Features to Enhance Employee Experience Digitally

The new featuresOpens a new window have been added in three areas:

  • Listening, which covers employee listening elements that gather and analyze employee perceptions, reporting safety incidents to ensure worksite safety, allowing employees to privately report COVID-19 symptoms, empowering employees to Ask a Question to key groups like HR, COVID-19 task forces, company leadership, and more
  • Reach, which covers providing access to employees to the COVID-19 Activity Library, which includes topics like self-care, burnout, financial well-being, a Leadership Spotlight channel to make leaders more accessible, Return-to-Work Guides, Benefits Wallet and Employee Resource Group (ERG) support
  • Recognition, which includes information on automated milestones and customizable badges that promote company values to reinforce employees’ sense of purpose during these challenging times

With these features, Limeade aims to create a comprehensive approach toward how organizations need to communicate their care and concern.

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Shifting Toward Comprehensive Communication for Employee Care

Additions to Limeade’s product suite have been taking place for over a year. The pandemic may have possibly accelerated the rollout of these changes. There has been a steady approach to making care the focal point of all experiences.

Making care the responsibility of employees too

In June 2019, in keeping with its emphasis on linking technology to care, Limeade launched the Limeade Cares FoundationOpens a new window . Through this, employees are nudged to create giving habits and to demonstrate care for others.

The foundation was launched for Limeade employees so that they can earn credits by participating in voluntary company activities. They can then further donate to the 501c3 charity of their choice, and this contribution would be matched 100% from the Foundation, by Henry Albrecht, Limeade CEO. The creation of this initiative was driven by research from the Limeade Institute, which spoke of the relationship between care, well-being, inclusion, and engagement.

Emphasizing on person-centric wellness

A year ago, in August 2019, Limeade launched its new expanded Global Well-Being Activity LibraryOpens a new window , which had 125 science-backed activities designed to improve employee well-being in the workplace. The emphasis was on making companies cognizant of the need to enable employees with the right wellness tools – and this need existed in the pre-pandemic world too. The content is also designed to be inclusive.

The library was designed to be whole-person centric. It includes content that employees from different geographies can translate, is culturally relevant to ensure that activities are customized to a person’s organizational culture, and is science-backed such that all activities are rooted in research, using Limeade Institute definitions of improvement and evidence-based resources.

The most recent additions to the platform seem like the logical next step after its survey in July 2020, where the Limeade Institute research shared the impact of positive organizational communication and how it connects to company care and business results. The study surveyed 354 U.S. employees.

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Companies need to become more accepting of the fact that there is a scientific link between care and employee engagement levels. It is no longer an intangible parameter. However, care needs to emerge from both sources – employers and employees.

The current scenario has created a need for more platforms that allow employers to demonstrate employee care. Whether employers recognize it yet is to be seen, but the need exists, and eventually, it will require a structured approach.