Extron, GoToMeeting Team Up to Upgrade Conference Room Technology


Extron teams up with GoToMeeting to integrate audio and visual solutions while Barix unveils new SIP audio endpoint to expand the reach of VoIP phone systems.

Extron & LogMeIn Partner for Conference Room Experience

Extron’s range of IP Link Pro Control Processors can now be integrated with LogMeIn’s GoToRoom solution for audio and video collaboration, thanks to the partnership between the two companies.

The integration of GoToPro with IP Link Pro processors will consolidate the control functions for audio/video collaboration onto a single interface to administer greater control over GoToRoom’s software and hardware for virtual conferences. IP Link Pro Control Processors is network enabled and can offer seamless management and monitoring of a/v conferencing, that can be accessed from local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), or via the internet.

These centralized signal extension capabilities can also be scaled up with the Extron TouchLink Pro touchpanels which can act as an additional point of control for larger meetings or conferences with GoToRoom and its Dolby Voice System.

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SIP-enabled VoIP extension by Barix

Barix has introduced and inducted the latest of their session initiation protocol or SIP interface solution for voice applications over IP, or in other words VoIP.

The new Barix SIP Audio Endpoint widens the reach of VoIP phone systems, which are useful for person to person connections, across multiple audio applications like paging systems, loudspeakers/amplifiers, alarms, intercom etc., essentially extending the SIP’s initiating, maintaining, and termination functionality to such devices for real-time sessions.

Barix SIP Audio Endpoint supports several audio codecs like Opus, G.711, G.722, GSM, Speex & iLBC, and is dual-tone multi-frequency compatible through which integrations with other VoIP systems become feasible. The network device also supports encoding/decoding of analog signals to and fro VoIP.

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