Four Powerful Recruiting Tactics for 2018


Recruiting in the corporate world has become extremely competitive as the need for a more specialized workforce continues to grow. There is plenty of technology available in 2018 that is being used to give companies an upper-hand in recruiting new talent. If your company wants to be able to find the perfect employees for any of its position, then you are going to need to become familiar with the newest techniques and tools that are available.

Using Your Company’s Brand To Attract Talent

When marketing experts talk about branding a company, they generally mean gaining as much exposure as possible for the company’s name and logo to add strength to individual marketing campaigns. But you can also brand your company to attract talentOpens a new window , and the technology available in 2018 makes that process much easier.

Branding a company in a way that is appealing to possible employment candidates is much different than branding to enhance sales. While the characteristics of honesty and integrity are important to both types of marketing, brand marketing to employment talent focuses more on the benefits of working for the organization, and it also tries to add a level of prestige to being an employee of the company.

Two modern tools that can make this process easier are video production and big data. Videos can be produced to speak directly to specific types of people, and big data can be used to identify those people and provide information that would make videos more effective.

A company can use big data to identify exactly what type of information employment candidates would find compelling, and then develop social media campaigns using customized videos to reach that specific audience. Targeted branding like this is only possible thanks to marketing advances that are evolving in 2018.

Perpetual Recruiting

Big data is a 2018 marketing tactic that will permeate other areas of corporate operations. Big data is simply the ability to collect more information about individual people than ever before. Companies combine social media information, internet interaction information, and even data transmitted over the internet by home items such as televisions and voice-activated search devices to get much clearer pictures of people’s interests, habits, and employment potential.

A company that only recruits when it needs employees is always going to either settle for someone who does not have the right overall skill set, or bring in someone who will not fit the corporate culture. Successful companies are constantly recruitingOpens a new window , and in 2018 that perpetual recruiting process is made even more efficient with the help of big data.

A company that uses big data to perpetually recruit candidates will find candidates that meet all of its requirements. Even if the company is not hiring, it should still bring these candidates in for interviews just to have complete information on file if an opening should ever be created.

Improving The Candidate Experience

The idea of creating a work environment that is appealing to employment candidates is not new, but in 2018 there is plenty of technology available to make your company look like the ideal place for candidates to bring their talents.

For example, 2018 has seen the introduction of new types of ergonomic office furniture that can make your company look extremely progressive. Stand-up desks and kneeling chairs outfitted with computerized components to create ideal working conditions can make an immediate impact on employment candidates.

Technology in 2018 can also help enhance the interview process as well. A company that uses cloud storage and computing systems to develop a worldwide presence is not only progressive, but it also shows an employment candidate that there is a lot of room for advancement.

Social Recruiting

A company that harnesses the power of the internet in 2018 can use that power to recruit in any environment and under any circumstances. Social recruitingOpens a new window is a term used to describe the general process of recruiting candidates through unconventional methods. But in 2018, big data and social media will combine to make social recruiting a powerful tool for any corporation.

Social recruiting in 2018 means getting candidate referrals from thousands of sources on social media and being able to offer brand marketing information on your company to those candidates instantly. It means maintaining contact with employment candidates and collecting information in a way that does not feel invasive to the potential candidate.

When a company has social recruiting mastered, a hiring manager can meet a potential employment candidate in any type of environment and be able to pull up important data on that candidate. Social recruiting can also allow companies to add employment recruiting to their trade show agendas without having to add anything to their presentation or change any part of their trade show booth.

The marketing trends that will dominate 2018 can also be used to make corporate recruiting more effective. To stay competitive in the recruiting market, a company will need to utilize the latest tools and take the time to understand what makes an employment candidate choose the next step in their career.