Greenhouse Introduces Five New Features to Greenhouse Onboarding


New York: Greenhouse today, announced the next phase in the evolution of Greenhouse Onboarding: a suite of new features to help companies build a unique new hire experience, beginning the moment an offer is extended. Recent updates to Greenhouse Onboarding close the loop by helping companies get even more strategic and focused in the way they introduce new employees to the team.

All too often, the excitement of bringing a new hire onboard gets lost in a confusing and inconsistent onboarding experienceOpens a new window . Onboarding is traditionally paperwork heavy, with little focus on effectively integrating new employees into the company culture and setting them up for success. By neglecting the onboarding process, companies run the risk of losing their investment in finding the perfect new hire– in fact, companies lose about 17% of new hires during the first three months of employment. These first 90 days on the job are critical for inspiring confidence in new team members that they made the right decision to join a company.

Paired with GreenhouseOpens a new window Recruiting, Greenhouse Onboarding aims to flip the script by automating administrative tasks, so companies can focus on building long-lasting working relationships with new employees. The new updates include:

  • A structured framework for an onboarding plan so that each person involved in the onboarding process knows their role and responsibilities.
  • Automated tasks to help companies execute their onboarding plan and stay on track through reminders and notifications.
  • Redesigned personalized welcome experience that showcases the company culture and helps new hires get familiar with the community before their start date.
  • Pulling reports to understand where new hires are in the onboarding process and what outstanding tasks need to be completed
  • Collecting feedback throughout the onboarding cycle, so companies can easily and immediately identify any gaps and learn how to improve their onboarding process over time.