HireVue and Integrate Partner to Improve Neurodiversity Hiring: An Analysis


Earlier this month, HireVue announced its partnership with Integrate Autism Employment Advisors, a nonprofit organization that offers recruiters access to professionals on the autism spectrum. Integrate will use HireVue Assessments technology to help such professionals predict their performance and potential in a job. Technology to help such professionals enter the mainstream workforce is on the rise. We analyze what is causing this change and why organizations benefit from hiring neurodiverse professionals.

What was once perceived as a disability is slowly being perceived as a strength by organizations world over. Companies that support autistic professionals are increasing, as they are beginning to see potential in individuals with high-functioning autism, who bring to the table excellent focus, passion, straightforward thinking, and as a result, a different perspective than their neurotypical counterparts. Autistic individuals also prefer routine tasks, which means they are less likely to want to move out of a job unless absolutely necessary.

IntegrateOpens a new window is a non-profit that helps recruiters identify and hire neurodiverse professionals, working towards helping professionals on the autism spectrum become a part of the mainstream workforce. Integrate reports that the unemployment rate among college graduates with autism is 85%. This can change, with companies advancing their efforts to hire neurodiverse professionals and technology collaborations to enable these professionals to enter the workforce.

HireVueOpens a new window , a video interviewing and assessment platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help recruiters assess personality fit, will help Integrate prepare its pool of professionalsOpens a new window for a job interview.

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Where Is This Interest in Neurodiversity Coming From?

Individuals with autism have often found it challenging to find work. But as companies begin to recognize the skills neurodiverse professionals can bring into the workplace, they are making greater efforts to hire them. In addition, the changing nature of work and the rise of technology adoption in the workplace requires diverse talent.

A partnership such as Integrate and HireVue’s can help organizations and candidates in this area. Individuals on the autism spectrum may have the necessary skills to perform a job, but their interpersonal skills may be the challenge preventing their entry into the workforce. With an assessment platform that guides them on becoming acing interviews, those on the spectrum can find gainful employment, and organizations can find talent that slowly fills the skills gap.

The partnership works in two ways. Integrate uses HireVue’s AI-powered assessment platform to train individuals on the autism spectrum to clear interviews. HireVue’s platform uses research from organizational psychology to focus assessments on factors that predict positive job performance.

HireVue, on the other hand, benefits from Integrate’s knowledge on neurodiverse candidates, which it can use to enhance its assessment platforms so that recruiters can use the technology to hire such candidates.

Examples of Neurodiversity Hiring Programs

Companies that support autism and hire professionals on the spectrum are several. For example, JPMorgan Chase has announced their interest in hiring 300 peopleOpens a new window in their Autism at Work program across 14 locations.

IBM has a similar goal, aiming to create 300 new IBM jobsOpens a new window for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) globally by 2020, in partnership with SpecialisterneOpens a new window and other providers.

Ernst & Young has also partnered with Specialisterne to hire individuals with autismOpens a new window as part of its mainstream workforce.

Ford hires individuals on the spectrum to test vehicles and to contribute to product developmentOpens a new window in the company.

These organizations and more evidently see neurodiversity as a competitive advantage, especially in technical and technology-oriented fields.

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Key Takeaways for Recruiters Hiring for Neurodiversity

The increasing focus on neurodiversity is leading to the creation of diverse workplaces in every sense of the term.

However, simply hiring neurodiverse individuals does not count as a success in terms of diversity and inclusion initiatives. Some more effort will have to be taken to ensure that they are successful in their jobs and positively contribute to the organization. These efforts include:

  1. Providing these individuals with the necessary equipment and space to work comfortably.
  2. Creating a culture of inclusion and training managers and teams to work with individuals on the spectrum.
  3. Modifying their performance management and feedback mechanisms to account for their unique skills and abilities.

A full-scale end-to-end culture and process of inclusion is essential, starting from leadership down to each employee to make neurodiverse professionals feel welcome in the workplace, and for organizations to benefit completely from their abilities.

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