How Voice of Customer (VoC) data helps improve enterprise efficiency


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Uncertainty affecting business activities is one of the top challenges keeping CX leaders across all industries up at night. Reducing costs where possible without compromising customer satisfaction is therefore a top priority .To achieve this goal, savvy firms use a series of activities that help them uncover inefficiencies in the business that lead to unnecessary costs,while finding innovative ways to address changing customer needs.  If you’re not yet using the Three Activities Below to    reduce cost and improve CX results, we highly recommend you do so.

  • Segment customer data and use analytics to observe root -causes driving customer churn.

During times of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever for firms to retain their clientele by addressing their needs. Revealing the root -causes of customer churn by analyzing the VoC data associated with lost clientele will help minimize the cost of losing other clients and improve your ability to increase their spend and overall wallet share in the long-run.

  • Uncover the root-causes of inefficiencies that hinder your CX results.

Operational inefficiencies such as sending wrong bills and delays in addressing insurance claims all have a negative impact on keeping clients happy and engaged. Leverage VoC insights captured across all channels to drill-down into customer feedback data related to operational activities to reveal and address which activities have a negative impact on customer satisfaction. This will also help reveal which activities positively influence operational success to continue utilizing those that yield desired results.

  • Monitor your CX channel-mix utilization to ensure you’re using the right channels, the right way , to engage your current and potential customers.

In a world where one out of two companies use at least 10 channels (e.g., web, email, social media, live chat) to interact with their customers, it’s easy for CX leaders to struggle using each channel in a way that enables the firm to reduce cost-to-serve customers, while addressing the needs of each current and potential buyer effectively. To ensure you’re getting the most out of each channel, we suggest monitoring customer satisfaction and feedback data captured across all channels and using analytics to reveal any  correlations between use of specific channels and poor customer satisfaction results. This will Uncover opportunities to improve use  of each channel to achieve desired CX results and reduce inefficiencies and unnecessary costs resulting from poor use of interaction  channels.

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