Intelligent Healthcare Analytics and AI in Pharma

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Stage 1: Data Lake Creation
  • Multiple diverse Data Sources
  • Multiple subsidiaries (e.g. Data providers)
  • Availability of Data in multiple geographies (US, Europe, Australia, etc.)
  • Data Lake compliance with GDPR and HIPAA
  • Availability of Data Lake for Data Analysts to work within first 4 weeks from the beginning of the project
Stage 2: Ingestion and Data Quality Check
  • All Data Sources are supported for processing
  • All data (including raw data) is ingested into the pipeline for Data Quality and Validation
  • All processed data is placed into the Data Lake available for immediate analysis
  • Ingestion is implemented into the pipeline during the POC
Stage 3: Processing, ML and Analysis
  • Valid Data after the ingestion is processed by the Step Functions and AWS Glue (this includes any ML transformations needed)
  • All Processed Data is available in Data Lake for immediate analysis
  • All Processed Data is uploaded into the Data Warehouse and available for all Data Analysts
  • The whole pipeline is fully automated and built with multiple error retry mechanisms to be self-sufficient
  • Logging and monitoring including notifications mechanism to be implemented during Stage 3
  • Architecture supports scalability to handle any load required
  • Stage 3 is complete in 8 to 12 weeks after the POC
Stage 4: Visualization and Reports
  • All Processed Data is uploaded into Redshift for Analysis and Visualization
  • Redshift access can be granted to any subsidiaries (e.g. stakeholders or third-party subsidiary investors that need the access to data)
  • Visualization and Reports are built on top of Redshift tables with Power BI
  • Stage 4 is expected to be complete within the same data frame as Stage 3 (8 to 16 weeks after the POC)

Areas of Expertise

Unlocking the power of AI for healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations.

Predictive Analytics & Healthcare Delivery Enhancement

Meet unique patients’ needs and enhance healthcare delivery with stellar predictive analytics solutions.

Diagnostics can be easier with big data analysis and machine learning. Use our ML-based predictive models for the automatic detection of anomalies in patient clinical data. Analyze the results to adjust the intended treatment plan and navigate medicine risks like adverse reactions and medication side effects.

Prevent chronic diseases and improve patient outcomes. Analyzing patient-generated data, you can predict disorders like diabetes or heart disease. Predictive analytics tools will help you identify high-risk patients and predict their future outcomes. Make personalized predictions and treatment plans reducing the risk for hospitalization.

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OCR & Healthcare Business Processes Optimization

Tired of managing paper documents? Make a smooth transition from paper to digital with our custom OCR solutions. Optimize healthcare business processes through data capture, retrieval, and extraction. With OCR solutions it’s easy to digitize all kinds of healthcare documents including patients’ records, prescriptions, claims, reports, invoices, etc.

Allow automatic data entry and smooth health data transfer between organizations. Deploy bespoke OCR software into your hospital for laborious tasks to save time and money.

Develop an AI pharma EHR for smooth clinical predictions and analytics. Allow for smart workload forecasting and resource management, medication demand. Get insights to promote better patient outcomes with artificial intelligence in pharmacy.

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NLP for Personalized Care

Analyze medical documents to predict conditions. Use NLP to extract data from clinical documents for intelligent diagnostics.

Get to know your clients better with NLP API software. Find out who your target audience is–age, gender, interests, specifics, etc. Use the data to better market yourself, keep old customers, and attract new ones.

Analyze comments on social media about customer experiences to see how they rate your services. Score comments into people, places, and services to see if your patients are happy with your brand or there’s room for development. Use the insights to improve the overall quality of services and care.

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Сomputer Vision for Medical Image Analysis

Detect and identify diseases with medical image analysis powered by Machine Learning. Get meaningful data insights for on-time anomaly detection and early disease intervention based on clinical imaging. As a result, streamline the workflow of the radiologists and get better patient outcomes.

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Computer Vision for Physical Therapy Transformation

Transform physical therapy with AI health solutions like pose estimation. Implement pose estimation models into your app to track, estimate and provide therapeutic feedback on patient joints and posture in real time. Bring guidance on doing the exercising and motivation to carry on. Check the progress of the patient over the course to navigate treatment protocol.

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Сomputer Vision for Authentication Procedures

Today there is a growing demand for different types of personnel authentication tools & technologies for both online and in physical systems.

With our robust computer vision algorithms, it’s easy to collect and store facial data. Use the data to verify personnel and provide or ban access to certain areas.

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Сomputer Vision for Customer Services Improvement

Want to better market your hospital but afraid of being salesy? Impress your patients with Face Recognition Greeting Tool. Recognize and greet patients by the name as soon as they enter the hospital.

Integrating our tool into your infrastructure, you’ll deliver great customer service and boost patient retention and referrals with ease.

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AI and Big Data for Pharma

Advanced RWE Analytics

Uncover insights from advanced real-world evidence across the whole pharma value chain to inform R&D decisions and improve trial design, achieve better patient access, implement smart targeting and data-driven commercial activities, as well as improve pharmacovigilance to be able to respond promptly to adverse events and unmet patient needs.

NLP: Scientific Literature and Patents Analysis

Implement artificial intelligence in pharmacy in a safe and controlled way with AI. Use custom NLP solutions for data mining and analysis including smart collection, labeling pharma studies, highlighting relevant information to your queries, and enhancing modeling.

AI Drug Development and Analytics

Uncover opportunities in drug development with AI. Produce drug-like molecules, optimize for binding affinity to your protein target, choose most chemically promising leads for further validation using generative modeling, reinforcement learning, and evolutionary algorithms.

Cell Image Capture and Analysis

Want to make cell analysis easier? Implement automated image capture and analysis for cell imaging. With that, you’ll detect anomalous tissues, segment various types of cells, detect cancerous tissues, and what is the effect of a drug.

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Custom AI Solutions for E-commerce

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Intelligent Healthcare Analytics and AI in Pharma

Biotech Digital Transformation We will lead a successful digital transformation of your business, so you’ll easily meet new challenges and mitigate future risks. Stage 1: Data Lake Creation Stage 2: Ingestion and Data Quality Check Stage 3: Processing, ML and Analysis Stage 4: Visualization and Reports Areas of Expertise Unlocking the power of AI for … Read more

Customer Success

We’ve been leveraging AI in healthcare organizations since 2014. Take a look at some of the most prominent projects we’ve created for our clients from the healthcare industry.

Marketing Campaign Performance Optimization

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OCR-Based Solution to Retrieve Data from Receipts

OCR-Based Solution to Retrieve Data from Receipts

Key Details Improved the efficiency of back-office workflows by 42%. Challenge Information extraction from receipts using machine learning Solution OCR-based solution for processing semi-structured data from receipts Technologies and tools OpenCV, Python, C++, ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK Client The Client is a provider of personalized solutions in the field of banking and finance. The Client’s … Read more

Full-Cycle Web Application Development for a Retail Company

Key Details Retail shrink decreased by 35%. Challenge Website development and effective inventory management Solution Online retail website development with predictive analytics module integration Technologies and tools JavaScript, .NET, Predictive Analytics Client The client is a medium-sized retail company in Europe. With strict lockdowns becoming the new normal and the cutthroat competition between retailers, they … Read more

Investment Data Management Solution with AWS Cloud Environment

Key Details End-to-end investment data solution to deliver value to investment data management. Challenge Investment data management solution using unstructured data and web app development from scratch Solution Data entry templates & pipeline on AWS Cloud environment for integration with a web app Technologies and tools Cloud environment AWS, AWS S3, AWS RDS, AWS Lambda … Read more

Intelligent AI Cooking Assistant

Key Details Hands-free, voice activated & interactive recipe builder. Challenge Hands-free, voice controlled cooking app Solution Intelligent AI voice assistant app for hands-free cooking Technologies and tools Custom Speech2Text (wav2vec2 fine-tuning), Google Cloud speech API, Apple Speech Kit, speech data augmentation, AI Voice Assistant, Voice Activation, Voice Intent Classification, Recipes Text Parsing (Named Entity Recognition … Read more
ML and NLP Models For Marketing & Advertising

ML and NLP Models For Marketing & Advertising

Key Details Enhanced consumer behavior prediction up to 89%. Challenge Analyze data and discover marketing insights faster Solution Machine learning models for marketing & advertising Technologies and tools Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing Client The client is a global beauty company with a focus on natural artisanal products. They are popular among clients … Read more