AI-Powered Sports and Wellness Solutions

Areas of Expertise

Using Artificial Intelligence to address sports and wellness challenges.

Pose Estimation for Personalized Real-time Feedback

Want to speed up the healing with physical therapy? Enable human pose estimation in hospital settings. Modernizing your practice with AI, patients stay injury-free and get personalized real-time feedback to optimize physical activity. AI wellness solutions guarantee better patient outcomes through error detection algorithms.

Need to improve your existing fitness app? Enhance it with real-time pose tracking and estimation. Let workouts be motivating and personalized through your sports IT solution.

Want to keep your sporting event safe? Go for ML development of violence detection solutions. Making a shift to digital security with a custom surveillance system, you’ll enable violent behavior detection, crowd monitoring and analysis.

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Predictive Analytics for Sports Performance Analysis

Want to become the team winning the competition in the world of sports? Use the power of artificial intelligence for sports performance analysis. Predictive analytics solutions offer insights based on player performance analysis and skill evaluation. With AI in sports analytics, analyzing and measuring specific skills, predicting recovery time is easier. Use custom predictive analytics solutions to adjust the training scheme and achieve greater results.

Utilize data mining for sporting event ticket sales prediction. Deploy ticket pricing based on past ticket purchase behavior, season trends, past and current ticket price. Leveraging artificial intelligence in sports ticket prediction, you’ll decrease empty seats and maximize the revenue.

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NLP for Feedback Analytics

Measure your sports team brand in social media in a click. Use NLP to know what your target audience thinks of your brand. Segment your fans by age, gender, interests and use these insights for cutting-edge fan sport engagement and brand promotion.

Find out how your rivalries are performing with AI in sports solutions. Gather and analyze sports fan feedback in social media to outsmart them.

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Computer Vision for Dealing with Documents

Find, manage and process documents with ease. Save time through automatic data capture, retrieval and extraction. Pass on repetitive team management documentation tasks to OCR solutions.

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Computer Vision for Greater Customer Experience

Deliver great experience to your VIPs with face recognition. Identify your guests, greet them by the name and offer personalized services. Sports IT solutions like that will enable safety in VIP areas.

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Computer Vision for Personnel Authentication

Keep the track of your staff at the sports venues with computer vision technologies. Integrating facial recognition into your surveillance system, it’s easy to see real-time staff location at the venue. Grant or ban access to training facilities and locker rooms with face biometrics. Protect privacy of famous sportsmen.

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Stay ahead of a game with technology.

Powering Up Workout Apps
Win the hearts and minds of your users with an AI-powered fitness app.

Rehabilitation Through Technology
AI-assisted rehabilitation for injury prevention and speedy recovery.

Advanced Sports Analytics
Gain insights from data analysis for better sports performance.

Business Process Automation
Streamlined paper-based processes and increased business productivity.

What We Can Do for You

Services that offer value to sports organizations and businesses.

On-Demand Consultancy
Having a business challenge? Turn it into an opportunity! Get help from our AI consultants with experience in the sports and wellness industry.

AI Wellness and Sports Development
Let our data scientists and engineers develop bespoke sport and fitness solutions that will cater to your specific needs and give an advantage to your sports business.

Quality Assurance
We put quality first. We make sure that your AI fitness solution is user-friendly, simple-to-use and functions as expected.

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What makes us your perfect healthcare IT solutions provider? We have an excellent repute in implementing artificial intelligence in healthcare organizations and we’re always ready to address your business challenges.

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Our data scientists and engineers are shaping modern medical technologies. We’re experienced in digital healthcare and MedTech solution development.


We stay on top of the industry trends. We understand the needs of our clients and aid them with AI-based solutions that solve their problems.


We prioritize our clients. Our goal is to help them reach new heights by innovating their businesses with AI.


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Custom AI Solutions for E-commerce

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AI-Powered Sports and Wellness Solutions

Areas of Expertise Using Artificial Intelligence to address sports and wellness challenges. Pose Estimation for Personalized Real-time Feedback Want to speed up the healing with physical therapy? Enable human pose estimation in hospital settings. Modernizing your practice with AI, patients stay injury-free and get personalized real-time feedback to optimize physical activity. AI wellness solutions guarantee … Read more

Intelligent Healthcare Analytics and AI in Pharma

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Customer Success

We’ve been leveraging AI in healthcare organizations since 2014. Take a look at some of the most prominent projects we’ve created for our clients from the healthcare industry.

Marketing Campaign Performance Optimization

Key Details Ad management unified and optimized. Challenge Unified cross-channel ad management & optimization Solution Integrated ads management, optimization & forecasting AWS: RDS (Maria DB), EC2, S3, Elastic Beanstalk, VPC, Cloud Formation, SNS, SQS, AWS Batch, Amazon SageMaker, Lambda, Route53 Back-end: Java, Spring Boot, REST, MySQL, Python, Docker Front-end: React, React-router v4, Redux, Redux-sagas, I18next … Read more
OCR-Based Solution to Retrieve Data from Receipts

OCR-Based Solution to Retrieve Data from Receipts

Key Details Improved the efficiency of back-office workflows by 42%. Challenge Information extraction from receipts using machine learning Solution OCR-based solution for processing semi-structured data from receipts Technologies and tools OpenCV, Python, C++, ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK Client The Client is a provider of personalized solutions in the field of banking and finance. The Client’s … Read more

Full-Cycle Web Application Development for a Retail Company

Key Details Retail shrink decreased by 35%. Challenge Website development and effective inventory management Solution Online retail website development with predictive analytics module integration Technologies and tools JavaScript, .NET, Predictive Analytics Client The client is a medium-sized retail company in Europe. With strict lockdowns becoming the new normal and the cutthroat competition between retailers, they … Read more

Investment Data Management Solution with AWS Cloud Environment

Key Details End-to-end investment data solution to deliver value to investment data management. Challenge Investment data management solution using unstructured data and web app development from scratch Solution Data entry templates & pipeline on AWS Cloud environment for integration with a web app Technologies and tools Cloud environment AWS, AWS S3, AWS RDS, AWS Lambda … Read more

Intelligent AI Cooking Assistant

Key Details Hands-free, voice activated & interactive recipe builder. Challenge Hands-free, voice controlled cooking app Solution Intelligent AI voice assistant app for hands-free cooking Technologies and tools Custom Speech2Text (wav2vec2 fine-tuning), Google Cloud speech API, Apple Speech Kit, speech data augmentation, AI Voice Assistant, Voice Activation, Voice Intent Classification, Recipes Text Parsing (Named Entity Recognition … Read more
ML and NLP Models For Marketing & Advertising

ML and NLP Models For Marketing & Advertising

Key Details Enhanced consumer behavior prediction up to 89%. Challenge Analyze data and discover marketing insights faster Solution Machine learning models for marketing & advertising Technologies and tools Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing Client The client is a global beauty company with a focus on natural artisanal products. They are popular among clients … Read more