Microsoft Patent Details New Device for Driving Improved Meeting Experience


The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) recently published Microsoft’s patent for a light emitting device for vision systems which the company applied last year.

Looks like Microsoft is well-positioned to win the video conferencing wars. Redmond giant is heating up the video conferencing as a service (VaaS) space with a new patent filed in November 2019 with the World Intellectual Property Organization or WIPO, and this was publishedOpens a new window only recently this month.

In a nutshell, the patent is aimed at improving meeting room experience and the device can be applied in the security industry as well, MS Poweruser indicatesOpens a new window . According to the patent document, Microsoft plans to develop a device that has an arc reflector which acts as the single source of light.

This is how it goes: The description relates to devices that emit light from a light source. One example device can include a reflector extending along an arc and oriented in light receiving relation relative to the light source. The reflector can have a cross-sectional reflector profile taken transverse to the arc that includes a first portion having a swept profile that transitions to a second portion having a reverse swept profile.

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The new device will likely have an extremely wide angle or 360° field of illumination through infrared light (IR), other non-visible frequencies, and visible frequencies for vision systems.

It can be assumed that the new device can be potentially used for video conferencing as well as surveillance cameras under a security system.

The concept of the new device is illustrated in the drawings below:

Though it is a long way from being productionized, Microsoft’s patent suggests it can be useful for a number of industries.

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