Partnership Tackles Growing Identity Management Challenge


The job of managing effective secure identity management across a highly diverse network just keeps getting tougher. Not only are the external threats more sophisticated, so are the devices and programs in use. IT teams also need to cope with the addition of more employees and more devices on a weekly basis. Their advisers are in a similar boat and in search of solutions to manage this complexity effectively.

Lieberman Software Corporation is teaming up with Oxford Computer Group to offer what it calls a Rapid Enterprise Defense (RED) Suite to enterprises of all sizes and industries. It’s being described as one of the most scalable privileged identity management solutions on the market today.

RED counts among the new breed of multi-faceted cyber defense platforms emerging to meet the varied threats currently confronting platforms. It consists of five modules that provide IT professionals with automated countermeasures against cyber attacks. Each component of the suite focuses on different areas of cyber security, including systems configuration and privileged identity management.

Rather than merely protecting an enterprise, RED enables tech staff to rebuild compromised IT environments and then implement continuous automated controls to limit the damage from cyber attacks. It can also automatically and continually discover all privileged account identities through cross-platform enterprises, both on-premises and in the cloud.

One of the interesting aspects is RED’s ability to scale its Identity Management feature to the largest enterprise and cloud environments, changing credentials like passwords and SSH keys on as many as 2,000 machines per node. This extrapolates to tens of thousands of credentials per minute in a situation calling for cyber defense or cyber warfare.

Oxford Computer Group works with customers to provide flexible and secure identity and access, identity governance and data protection solutions. It has worked with thousands of organizations, across the globe, for more than 30 years. Oxford will using the RED suite of tools to deliver identity and access governance projects to clients in both North American and European markets.