Polar Introduces Social Display; Boosts Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Ads


Social Display is an ad format that makes it easy for brands to boost Facebook, Instagram and Twitter creatives on trusted publisher websites as ads with One Click Creativeâ„¢.

 New York –Opens a new window title=”Opens a new window” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”> PolarOpens a new window , a Format Management Platform is officially introducing Social Display, a proven ad format that makes it easy for brands to boost Facebook, Instagram and Twitter creatives on trusted publisher websites as ads with One Click Creativeâ„¢.

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The ad format was originally funded and developed in partnership with Verizon Media and News Corp through an exclusive commercial partnership with Polar starting in 2017. Together, Verizon Media and News Corp activated over 100 campaigns with Social Display for brands like P&G, Unilever, Samsung, Nestle, McDonald’s and Audi. Polar made Social Display available to its 120 trusted publisher clients globally in late 2018 and since then, more than 1,500 brands have adopted the ad format and run 3,000 campaigns. 

  1. Social Display solves 3 problems brands have in the digital ecosystem today:
  2. Banner blindness: 0.6% is the average engagement rate across 3,000 Social Display campaigns this year, a 10x increase on the average CTR for IAB banner ads.
  3. Feed fatigue: 9 seconds is the average in-view time for Social Display, as measured by Moat, a 5x increase on the 1.7 seconds in-view time average on Facebook for ads.
  4. One-Click Creativeâ„¢: Social Display allows brands to save creative production costs, approvals and timeline delays as social creatives can be transformed with one click.

“Social Display uniquely combines the best ingredients from two worlds. From social, we take the creative, which is fundamentally different and better than IAB creatives. From the web, we work with trusted publisher sites, where audiences actually spend time on. 1,500 brands have helped prove that beautiful creatives on trusted content lead to superior results”, shared Kunal Gupta, CEO, Polar. “Our proprietary One-Click Creative™ technology makes it frictionless for brands to extend their beautiful Facebook and Instagram creatives across trusted publisher websites”.

Nintendo Switch activated Social Display to drive awareness and sign-ups for their campaign offering free Nintendo credits. Research conducted with Ipsos showed that Nintendo saw a 55% increase in action intent, 33% increase in likeliness to visit their website and a 77% increase in the likeliness to interact with the brand on social media thanks to the campaign.

Studies conducted by Ipsos and Moat on Social Display have shown impressive results:

  • Travel brand Norwegian Cruise Line saw a 45% increase in brand awareness and 0.6% engagement rate.
  • Entertainment brand 20th Century Fox saw a 67% increase in brand value and 14 seconds in-view time.
  • Local brand Intrepid Travel saw a 40% lift in brand awareness, 0.8% engagement rate and 11 seconds in-view time.

“We were impressed with the attention time our social creatives get when delivered to a publisher audience using Social Display. Attention does matter and the ease of execution and simplicity of Social Display is why we continue to use it.”, shared Francois Botha, Group Digital Performance Manager at Shoprite, a retailer in South Africa who has continued to adopt Social Display on the 24.com network. 24.com has activated more than 200 campaigns on Social Display for brands like Samsung, H&M, Capitec, Shoprite, Sony, Hasbro, Clarins, Johnson & Johnson, Coca Cola, Elizbeth Arden, Standard Bank, and Nissan.

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Polar’s Format Management Platform (FMP) has been used by publishers to promote on-site branded content since 2013. Polar invested over $30m in R&D to expand its platform to support a variety of ad formats beyond native, which now includes Social Display.

Speaking exclusively to MarTech Advisor Kunal Gupta, Polar Founder and CEO added, “When you look at the creatives advertisers put on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram and compare it with the quality of creatives they use across the web in IAB formats, you would think they are from different companies. The quality does not compare. I think advertisers have been trained over a decade by platforms like Facebook to build engaging creative, originally to get organic reach and now to get engagement. All the while the banner creatives for most advertisers probably did not look much different twenty years ago. What we are doing is making it easy in one click to repurpose the beautiful social creatives and bring them across the web across trusted publisher sites. And the results are great which is why 1,500 advertisers have already used it this year. ” Consumers have format familiarity with Facebook and Instagram. For better or worse, the average person recognizes the format and knows what to do. People are not scared to click on a Facebook or Instagram post the way they are scared to click on a banner ad.

Marketers who are trying to better align their campaigns across digital channels really like Social Display as it almost forces their social and media agencies to better work together. The agencies that proactively bring Social Display to their clients are seen as innovative and creative, as everyone knows that marketers are desperately trying to coordinate social and web campaigns. With Social Display, we use the same creative from social on the web which guarantees alignment out of the box.”