The ESP32 is a low-cost, low-power, SoC (system on a chip) series of microcontrollers with integrated WiFi and dual-mode Bluetooth. It has shipped >100M units as of 2018 and powers many WiFi devices on the market. This book provides end-to-end coverage of building an IoT system from the ground up to secure data communication techniques from sensors to cloud platforms that will help you to develop production-grade IoT solutions by using the ESP32 SoC.Starting with the fundamentals of IoT supported with real-world use cases, this book will take you through every aspect of building an IoT device using ESP32 from scratch. With every chapter, you’ll learn to expand your IoT applications with features such as sensor communication, integrating popular IoT libraries such as Little FS, LVGL and more, connectivity via. WiFi/BLE, security features, cloud connectivity and real-time data visualization techniques using Grafana. Moving further, an entire section is dedicated to covering AI/ML for embedded systems. You’ll learn to build and run ML applications using TInyML and ESP32-S3 to create state-of-the-art embedded products.The book takes a hands-on approach to have you start building IoT solutions right from the start. An end-to-end IoT solution in the form of a Smart Home is dedicated towards the end of the book where you apply all the techniques learned through the book in real-time.Get started with building secure, production grade IoT systems on ESP32, today!