Sencha Ext JS is an industry leader for business-standard web application development. Ext JS is a leading JavaScript framework that comes with a myriad of components, APIs, and extensive documentation that you can harness to build powerful and interactive applications. Using Ext JS, you can quickly develop rich desktop web applications that are compatible with all major browsers.
This book will enable you to build databases using information from an existing database with Ext JS. It covers the MVC application architecture that enables development teams to work independently on one project. Additionally, the book teaches advanced charting capability, enabling developers to create state-of-the-art charts just once. These charts are compatible with major browsers without the need to rely on plugins.
This hands-on, practical guide will take you through the mechanics of building an application. In this instance, we will use this application to manage existing data structures in the form of a database.
You will begin by making SQL and tables in MySQL and will then move on to developing the project environment and introducing Sencha Cmd. You will learn to create a form to input data and monitor the state of the input, while seeing how Ext Direct will validate the form on the server side.
Finally, you will have a working application that is ready for you to customize to suit your needs. You can also use it as a template for any future projects when you need a similar database.