Customer is king and hearing the voice of the customers is crucial for all businesses. This book will teach you how to listen to the customer’s voice in a world of modern technology. The book begins by explaining the importance of the customer’s voice for a successful business and how to listen to the customer’s voice and analyze it through various technologies such as OCR and voice transcription. You will also learn extraction processes such as textual extraction, transformation, and Load (ETL) processing, and turn the customer feedback into visualization using four major technologies. Moving ahead, you will analyze raw text using Taxonomy and analyze the customer feedback in the form of comments and surveys using textual ETL. You will study strategically and tactically techniques used by the corporations to become aware of the customer’s voice, and visualize the data in bar charts, continuous variable charts, pie charts, geographical chart and scatter diagrams. By the end of this book, you will be able to manage, build, and operate a corporate infrastructure that listens to the voice of the customer.