As a marketing professional you will spend a lot of time in different types of meetings and knowing how to properly plan, prepare, conduct, and follow up to these meetings are critical skills to have. Not every meeting is the same and each type of marketing meeting has its own challenges. Be ready to tackle your marketing meetings and learn how to get the most out of them.
Running Effective Marketing Meetings is a how-to guide for both the junior and experienced marketing professional. By covering the most common types of marketing meetings, reviewing best practices, and sharing practical advice, this is your go-to resource for getting better at collaborating with the marketing team in an effective and practical manner.
In this book you are exposed to the different types of marketing meetings you are likely to encounter in most organizations, and we walk you through the typical process for planning and conducting your meetings. Then we review follow-up best practices and how to get started running your own marketing meetings.
The collaborative nature of most marketing meetings requires some special considerations: how do you present the meeting topics? How do you keep the team involved? What are some techniques you can use to elicit participation? What tools can you use during and after the meeting?
In Running Effective Marketing Meetings we explore all these issues and more in detail so that you can get the skills you need to run effective marketing meetings.