Profile Your Customers by Using Predictive Marketing


Predictive marketing is using sophisticated data and analytics to make smarter decisions based on predicting what actions will succeed and which will fail. This data generally includes firmographics and contact details and marketing and sales activity data to identify patterns.

Are you profiling your customers by using predictive marketing?

This interview with Ziff Davis B2B and Renaud BizetOpens a new window , Senior Director of Marketing and Operations at SplunkOpens a new window , speaks to just how Renaud uses predictive marketing from his tenure at Marketo and now at Splunk.Like many of the guests in this series, Renaud said he was both a “left and right brain” person, and was comfortable with numbers and processes but also enjoyed creativity in problem solving.

Key takeaways:

  1. Moving from traditional segments like size or vertical market to instead identifying key attributes such as skill sets (as found on LinkedIn), job postings for marketers, their social media activity, and the tech stack that particular company was using
  2. Drinking their own champagne and leveraging the Splunk platform for their Marketing Operations for com complex ad hoc analysis
  3. Asking questions of massive data sets such as:
    1. “Is there anything in particular about certain leads (e.g. demographic, firmographic, behavior, etc.) that makes them better candidates for increased funnel velocity or SQL conversion?”
    2. “Are there sales reps that tend to extract more value from seemingly identical MQLs?”
    3. “What is an ideal campaign cadence for a given segment that yields higher quality MQLs?”

Learn more about how Splunk used predictive marketing to drive revenue and continue with us on the exciting journey with Renaud by reading the full interview with Ziff Davis B2B hereOpens a new window .