RPA in Contact Centers: How UiPath’s Integration With Sitel Group Will Push the Envelope for CX


UiPath and Site Group partner to bring the promise of automation to BPOs

UiPath and Sitel Group have partnered to deliver better customer experiences (CX) and provide personalized data solutions to brands around the globe. The partnership draws on Sitel Group’s extensive industry experience and customer-centric approach with UiPath’s Hyperautomation platform. This technology further empowers Sitel Group’s agents to closely focus on each customer’s needs while automation helps agents optimize their time spent with customers, increasing interaction efficiency, and driving greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The companies believe that their combined capabilities will not only improve operational metrics but also reduce agent involvement by triggering an automation flow to handle events that don’t require human intelligence, problem solving, and empathy. This orchestration reduces manual labor and enhances CX by driving quicker and more accurate resolutions.

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“As a global CX leader, we are committed to transforming our industry by delivering superior customer experiences powered by leading digital technologies,” said Ryan Maund, chief product & innovation officer, Sitel Group. “Through our partnership with UiPath, Sitel Group’s agents, whether at home or on site, can improve productivity in real time and focus on what matters most: the customer.”

The growth that UiPath has experienced is the result of its easy-to-use, scalable and open platform that allows everyone – from RPA developers and testers to citizen developers and business end-users – to collaborate and put automation squarely at the core of everyday work. With capabilities that support every phase of the automation lifecycle and deployment options that give organizations immediate management of their robots, UiPath is bringing automation to the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry by enabling employees to both engage in the automation process and benefit from working alongside robots every day.

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“At Sitel Group, we see the opportunities that RPA offers to elevate the customer experience and reimagine the future of work for our industry,” said Maund. “As CX design experts, we bring a team of process engineers and our RPA expertise to transform the experience for our agents, clients, and their customers alike, especially within our work at home model, Sitel at Homeâ„¢, of which 80% of our North American client delivery is currently operated through. Automating processes to enable agents to further prioritize meeting customer needs is the next innovative step Sitel Group is taking in our transformation journey and to help further our clients’ transformation.”

What Does This Mean for the Future of CX?

RPA offers an intuitive approach to data integration and workflow. Loading a detailed customer profile from multiple systems by automating steps like application launch, mouse clicks, field entries, etc. eliminates the need to switch between various applications.

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Deploying RPA in contact centers significantly reduces the time required to identify the customer in the system and view all necessary details associated with them in one screen. As a result, the customer does not have to wait for the agent to load all the details, thus improving customer service while reducing the average call duration.

“The BPO industry has a massive opportunity to transform and optimize business operations. Those organizations that leverage the latest technology will be the businesses that thrive in today’s environment,” said Eddie O’Brien, senior vice president, Operations and Partners at UPath. “UiPath is pleased to partner with Sitel Group by providing our hyperautomation platform which will play an important role in the delivery of innovation through digital transformation for their customers.”