Sangoma’s PBXact15 Makes Way for Streamlined Enterprise Cloud Telephony


The FreePBX-based VoIP system, PBXact 15 by Sangoma fuses the best features of open source FreePBX with Sangoma’s commercial and cloud services modules, enabling efficient operations in enterprise cloud telephony.

Sangoma Technologies Corporation has announced the next in line of their customizable IP private branch exchange or IP-PBX system for unified communications. The cloud-driven telephony systemOpens a new window PBXact 15, like its predecessors is based on FreePBX open source phone system, and is now generally available.

The company also announced a new solution called Upgrade Wizard to facilitate easy transition of users leveraging FreePBX which Sangoma acquired in 2015, to PBXact.

Updates in the new PBXact 15 include:

Backup and Restore: One of the major updates to Sangoma’s PBXact, in its version 15 is the new Backup and Restore process which essentially removes the hurdles associated with cross-version backups and restoration. What it means is that PBXact 15 now has the ability to accept restoration of backups performed on the previous PBXact versions. The system also boasts backup functionality on a per-module basis.

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FastAGI: PBXact 15 now utilizes FastAGI, a move away from the previously used AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) protocol so as to streamline operations through efficient process management and avoid excessive channel consumption on the server, on FreePBX’s Asterisk telephony.

GraphQL: The use of a GraphQL-powered API opens up avenues to create third-party integrations, as well as regulating the structure of flow of the exact and specific data required between those integrated apps.

Sangoma claims the solution’s scalability makes it ideal for unified comms implementation for organizations of all sizes. The company remains competitive in the cloud-hosted PBX market, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.9% through 2018-2023Opens a new window .

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