Automated Invoice Processing

Make your invoice processing workflow swift and error-free with minimal effort. Automate repetitive tasks and allocate workforces to perform verification functions. Meet the specific requirements and elements of your business process.

Essid Solutions creates scalable, custom, automated invoice processing solutions from scratch. We design and build custom solutions to save your time and money while boosting overall performance.

Example of Smart Solution in Action

This is an example of a project that we’ve implemented on demand for one of our clients, a large European logistics company, with a volume of paperwork of more than 10,000 documents.
Send a request to us to see the basic set of capabilities of a computer vision and OCR solution that we can build in line with your business requirements.

  1. Select and recognize invoices of different types and formats.
  2. Extract and compare invoice party, recipient, date, line item, description, quantity, price, and total.
  3. Let AI handle low-quality invoice scans.

The AI-Driven Way to Handle Invoices

We deliver solutions that become great assets to companies looking to automate the data extraction process. If it resonates with your business challenges, you are one click away from trying out a free demo.

Upload your invoice in one of the following formats: Doc, Excel, PDF, PNG, or JPEG. The input can be a high-quality digital file, scanned/printed/written document, or an image with interference. Fetch it to the system for automatic data capturing and retrieval.

We harness the capabilities of computer vision technology as well as OCR tools to enable the processing of data-rich documents. Using our AI-based software, you can rest assured that you are utilizing the most suitable approaches and tools for your invoice processing needs.

Tap Into the Benefits of Automated Invoice Processing SolutionsSay goodbye to routine manual tasks by opting for custom invoice processing software.

cost effective approach

Cost-Effective Approach

Invoice processing workflow includes a range of tasks you can automate to cut the costs of manual operations.

high speed

High Speed

Extract all invoice data in seconds. Let AI-based systems perform tasks several times faster than human employees.

high accuracy of results

High Accuracy of Results

Eliminate data entry errors and improve the accuracy of retrieving data on the customer, vendor, price, item quantity, date, etc.

accessible data

Accessible Data

All valuable data is at your fingertips. Obtain data from invoices in a machine-readable format for every further use.

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Reduce costs

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Increased profitability

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Improved efficiency

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Better decisions

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