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Robust Solutions to Get Rich Insights Into Data and Automate Business ProcessesThe volume of data that businesses deal with on a daily basis is growing exponentially. Services such as data capture, retrieval, and extraction have become integral parts of an organization’s workflows. These are the prerequisites for effectively managing large amounts of information stored in different formats and locations.

Essid Solutions is an automated data capture vendor that fosters data-driven businesses by providing them with efficient solutions. To manage your data and automate business processes, we offer OCR, data capture and extraction services.

Data Capture Services We Offer

character recognition

Character Recognition

Automated identification, data capture and character recognition of text in embedded images, image files, etc.

feature detection

Feature Detection

Recognition of separate elements of each character, such as lines, strokes, angles, etc.

optical barcode recognition

Optical Barcode Recognition (OBR)

Recognition of a product and its features by scanning a barcode.

character recognition on raw images

Character Recognition on Raw Images

Data extraction from low-quality images with poor illumination, containing poorly printed characters, and more.

We also assist with data extraction services such as developing web data extraction software from scratch to derive information not only from printed documents, but also from the web sources.

How You Can Use It

Organizations face numerous challenges in modern competitive industries. By remaining stagnant and not improving processes over time, you can undermine both short- and long-term growth. Today, most business leaders have to be steadily on the lookout for the most effective ways to embrace technologies for workflow automation.

Essid Solutions employs Google’s Tesseract OCR, Abbyy FlexiCapture, and Textract to provide real-time data capture, efficient processing of raw static images, and the categorization and storage of data in a single database.

OCR and Data Capture for Logistics & Transportation

Optical character recognition systems aim to digitize paper documents to enable automated data search, retrieval, and processing with little to no human involvement. OCR systems can help optimize business workflow involving numerous manual tasks. Companies of different sizes can make the most of the technology to meet the consumers’ needs for expedited and more secure goods’ shipment at a lower delivery cost.

OCR scanning services provide logistics industry representatives with significant perks:

  • Automates manual input and cuts paper-based workflow
  • Reduces input errors by more than 90%
  • Enables remote data capture via mobile devices
  • Reduces data capture costs and time by more than 90%
  • Automates transferring captured data
  • Provides efficient automated invoice processing
  • Facilitates invoices and receipts processing
  • Makes package registration, tracking, and delivery time-efficient
  • Reduces overall delivery costs
  • Provides web data extraction services if needed

industriesHere’s the myriad of industries our data architecture consultants have brought the depth of data architecture development & analytics.

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

ecommerce and retail

E-commerce & Retail

logistic and supply chain

Logistics & Supply Chain

game and entertainment

Game & Entertainment


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Healthcare & Pharma

Sports and Wellness

Sports & Wellness

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