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Our Data Warehouse ServicesAs a mature data warehousing consultant, Essid Solutions works with companies of all sizes to improve strategic decision-making, establish data consistency, and increase the power of analytics.

We offers a full suite of data warehouse (DWH) services, refining existing data management tools, engineering, and implementing an enterprise data warehouse.

Data Warehouse Consulting Services

Leveraging our multidisciplinary expertise, you get a consistent plan of action to help you start, enhance, or iterate your DWH journey. Enrich your data warehouse project implementation plan with a professional advisory.

  • Assess and analyze your data infrastructure
  • Optimize your costs and cloud resources
  • Innovate with a custom architecture design
  • Achieve DevOps/MLOps excellence

Data Lake and Warehouse Engineering

Consolidate your ever-growing volumes of information into a consolidated hub and enable stream analytics for faster and more accurate insights.

Bring added value to your assets with our data warehouse development services:

  • Design, build, and maintain DWHs
  • Build custom API integrations
  • Set up an ETL/ELT pipeline
  • Evolve with Databricks lakehouse

BI and Visualizations

Communicate complex insights, identify patterns, and enable easy insight discovery with our business intelligence services. Turn information into value with industry-best BI tools and smart data science models.

  • Design actionable analytics
  • Adopt custom dashboards
  • Enhance dashboard performance
  • Employ data marts and catalogs

Data Warehouse Modernization

Adjust to evolving needs and business challenges with enhanced storage experience. Extend your DWH infrastructure and reap the benefits of the latest technologies.

  • Cleanse and improve data quality
  • Migrate workloads to the cloud
  • Innovate with machine learning
  • Implement master data management

Data Lake Architecture Development and Integration

Strong data storage and management by implementing data architecture services and Big Data development.

agile client

Agile Client Data Strategy

From data mass to actionable insights: define how your data will be collected, stored, processed, and used.

data ecosystem

Data Ecosystem Implementation

Develop a high-performing data ecosystem to create business value and increase revenue.


Data Warehouse Strategy

Implement modern data architecture services to make your data reliable, consistent, and complete.

data catalog

Data Catalog

Enhance your data accessibility across your whole business and enable actionable insights for every department.

data management

Data Management

Increase your business datasets’ visibility, enabling smooth data search and analysis with Big Data engineering.


Analytics Process Optimization

Prevent data concerns and misuse with robust data services architecture developed according to your needs.

TechnologiesWe employ a wide range of data warehouse, BI, and cloud technologies to deliver a high-performing, scalable, and robust solution.

industriesHere’s the myriad of industries our data architecture consultants have brought the depth of data architecture development & analytics.

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

ecommerce and retail

E-commerce & Retail

logistic and supply chain

Logistics & Supply Chain

game and entertainment

Game & Entertainment


Finance & Banking




Healthcare & Pharma

Sports and Wellness

Sports & Wellness

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