Image Recognition Solutions

Сustom Image Recognition and Picture Analysis Software DevelopmentWe tailor robust custom solutions to serve your needs. Derive valuable insights from your visual data with the help of proven solutions.

Essid Solutions has 7+ years of experience in computer vision under the belt. We cooperate with clients across multiple industries and assist them in levelling up their businesses by harnessing the power of Big Data.

We have gained clients’ trust across the globe by creating and delivering top-notch custom solutions for different industries. Our team of machine learning (ML) experts has extensive experience in on-demand computer vision and image recognition software development of any complexity.

We Develop Custom Image Recognition and Analysis Solutions Focused on Your Business

We can create bespoke solutions that:

  1. Detect, recognize & identify objects from raw images of different quality
  2. Have a convolutional neural network algorithm under the hood
  3. Amplify security, sentiment analysis, object classification, diagnostics, etc.

Your Project Development Roadmap

Visual content is a trend in information provision. It makes image identification and recognition and analysis solutions an integral part of many business workflows. Developed for the client’s business, they enable process automation and reduce labor costs.

Businesses get in touch with Essid Solutions having different initial queries. We never take a one-size-fits-all approach but foster close cooperation with each client over a best-fit custom solution. Together, we map out development phases based on the available datasets.

How We Build Custom Image Recognition Solutions

collect data


We collect datasets, label images, and add meta tags to each unlabeled picture.

test data


We use collected and labeled data to train an algorithm to process and analyze image datasets.

evaluate data


We provide a ready-made model with REST API calls to work with new datasets by using a computer vision model.(*Other formats of transfer solution are possible.)

benefits for your business

How You Can Use It

Improved Accuracy

Automate different manual operations, reduce errors, and improve your business efficiency with ML algorithms powering image recognition solutions.

Lower Operational Costs

Eliminate simple errors and cost overrun by adopting a cost-efficient custom solution to help with workflow automation and acceleration.

Revamped Services

Cut time spent on routine tasks, improve service provision and redistribute your intellectual resources to focus on tasks requiring a human touch.

Automated Workflow

Boost employee productivity, increase budget savings with minimal efforts through implementing custom recognition and analysis algorithms into your business workflow.

Computer Vision Technologies

industriesHere’s the myriad of industries our data architecture consultants have brought the depth of data architecture development & analytics.

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

ecommerce and retail

E-commerce & Retail

logistic and supply chain

Logistics & Supply Chain

game and entertainment

Game & Entertainment


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Healthcare & Pharma

Sports and Wellness

Sports & Wellness

we guarantee

reduced costs

Reduce costs

increase profitability

Increased profitability

improve effiency

Improved efficiency

better decisions

Better decisions

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why work with Essid Solutions?As a data engineering company, we follow tech essentials and expand our AI’s impact to ensure customer success.

Deep Domain Expertise

Since 2014, we have been helping clients across the globe optimize data and translate it into business insights

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Communication, commitment, and transparency is what our team guarantees during data engineering process development.

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We are an engineering and data solutions provider, regularly makes it to the Clutch Leaders Matrix in Big data, AI, and other disruptive technologies.

How We Help Scale Up Your BusinessCreate data stories and generate transformative insights to be ahead of the competition.

Data Management

Let our experts show you the power of high-quality data. As a leading Big data analytics company, we guide our clients in maintaining a robust data framework. Our team of engineers has deep expertise in ingesting, storing, and organizing your corporate data through cutting-edge functionality.

Data Warehouse

Request our big data analytics consulting services to ensure your data consistency. We assist our clients in a full suite of DWH practices, including implementation, upgrades, and migration of data warehouses. Essid Solutions’ engineers can also build a full-fledged DWH solution or consult on optimizing current DWH performance.

DataOps for Enterprise Data Management

We merge best agile practices with data analytics to enable your data transformation journey. Our DataOps services allow companies to automate and streamline data flows, unleashing relevant insights. DataOps implementation also renovates the data life cycle, from data retrieval to analysis by creating a unified flow of data.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions

Business Intelligence and analytics services at Essid Solutions help our clients transform data into smart visualizations. We leverage robust BI solutions and build bespoke platforms to amplify the intelligence lifeblood of your business. Make informed decisions with our BI services and handle end-to-end processes from data storage to delivery.

Artificial Intelligence

We link your data ecosystem with intelligent algorithms to unearth actionable insights and automate decision-making. Smart systems also allow you to leverage advanced analytics capabilities like augmented or predictive analytics and process vast stores of data. At Essid Solutions, we build all types of AI functionality – from deep learning models to Robotic Process Automation.

Data Science

We renders data science services with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning seamlessly baked into it. Our team of expert data scientists creates powerful analytical modules to address your data challenges. Respond more effectively to market changes and customer needs with our data science expertise.

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