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Customer Feedback Analysis

Overwhelmed with masses of data? Can’t translate it into meaningful insights about your business’ strengths and weaknesses? Make use of bespoke NLP models for customer feedback analysis. By integrating them into your app or infrastructure, you enable automated data collection and analysis of unstructured data. Detect and extract topics, analyze sentiments, and then alter your business plan.

Use the uncovered insights to make sure your products or services line with the customer’s expectations and solves their business problems.


Sentiment Analysis

Tried different marketing strategies but not getting the profit you want? Switch to a data-based strategy for more brand insights. Custom sentiment analysis software allows you to mine socials, review platforms, and other important sources. Automatically interpreting hidden meanings behind tons of texts you’ll easily detect your audience’s moods and benefit from it. Use sentiment analysis to glean insights about your brand health and ongoing marketing campaigns for a stronger brand.


Data Collection and Analysis, Categorization and Clasterization

With Essid Solutions data collection and analysis custom solutions, you save the trouble of collecting and extracting value from data manually. If you still process and label customer reviews manually, it’s time you automated it. Smart data analysis, automated review categorization, customer base clustering, saved time, and error elimination – are the benefits you’ll get. Soothe the burden of working with customer reviews and save time for more intelligent tasks.


Context-Aware Search, Summarization

Whether it’s a web or a mobile app, make content search easy and relevant for your customers with language processing as a service. We build custom intelligent content search and filtering solutions that will allow your clients to get only up-to-date and theme-related content. Create customer loyalty by offering them user-friendly solutions and saving their time.



Text Generation

If your business generates masses of information and you can’t handle it on your own, we can help you ease your workload. Your support department is snowed down with customer queries? Try text generation-based solutions. They enable data collection and clusterization to define the most frequently asked questions. Based on the collected data, we can train an AI model to analyze customer queries and provide them with answers.



Audience Analysis

Looking for ways to get to know your audience better and see eye to eye with them? Use NLP-based audience analysis solutions to earn who your target audience is – their age, gender, location, nationality, language, and interests. Monitor your social media brand awareness and reputation. Work on your brand’s weaknesses to get it on top of your industry.




Benefits For Your BusinessBring Success to Your Business with Effective NLP Solutions.

Data Collection & Analysis

Digitize all data work in one click.

Simplified Decision Making

Get customer insights and adjust your offer.

Customer Analytics

Get to know your customer better with analytics.

Sentiment Analysis

Mine customer opinions on your products and services.

Cost Reduction

Reduce costs with reliable data automation solutions.

Manual Work Automation

Automate any tasks, and engage in intelligent ones.

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