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Human Pose Estimation and Analysis Software DevelopmentDevelopment of efficient human pose estimation, tracking, activity recognition and analysis solutions in real-time from scratch

Essid Solutions is a computer vision company that provides best-in-class services for you to accelerate the growth of your business.
We use state-of-the-art deep learning and data science approaches to provide scalable and reliable human body pose estimation software and human movement analytics tailored specifically to your needs.

Let us leverage our senior-level expertise to develop a bespoke solution for you from scratch or advance the existing one.

AI Pose Estimation Technology With Custom Features to Meet Your NeedsWe’ve been at the forefront of technology since 2014, and we know what it takes to make a business successful. Let our data scientists use disruptive technology to take your business to the next level.

Cloud, Mobile and Edge Devices

We deliver fast and accurate custom solutions that can run on iOS, Android, edge devices and high-load servers.

Extended Key Points Skeletons

A set of extended key points enables leading-edge analytics of human movement that will give you a competitive edge over other companies in the niche.

2D and 3D Human Pose Estimation

Unleash valuable insights with 2D and 3D detailed motion analysis to transform your business.

Single Person and Multiple Persons

Need to analyze a single person’s movement? Or maybe a group of people? We can provide you with both single-person and multiple-person custom human pose estimation and analysis developed according to your needs.

Single View and Multiple View

Estimate the joint position of a person or an animal during various movements from one or multiple cameras depending on your camera’s setting.

Markerless and Sensorless

Our technologies are compatible with a wide range of cameras. You won’t need to buy extra sensors or attach markers.

Human and Animal Pose Estimation

The technologies we develop can be utilized to estimate not only human but also animal movement.

A Whole Range of Activities

We can deliver effective solutions to estimate plenty of activities from yoga and pilates, to somersaulting and bungee jumping.

How You Can Use It

Our team of experts creates effective human pose estimation solutions from scratch. They help track and analyze human movement or activity. This technology has great potential for both the healthcare and sports industries. It can improve fitness or therapy apps including human body joint localization and pose tracking in real-time. It can provide fast and accurate motion analysis and activity recognition, giving prompt feedback on how to exercise the right way to avoid injury.

Human body pose detection based on deep learning can be of much help in the surveillance industry. This innovation can be used at sports venues, airports, train stations and other crowded places to enhance security. Human pose estimation coupled with other data science algorithms for activity recognition and analysis is the perfect combination to help prevent violence.

The technology has the power to transform Entertainment and Media with exciting AR effects. It helps render and align human body parts in a fast and accurate way, making it look lifelike.

Benefits for Your BusinessOur innovative solutions help our clients gain competitive power on the market and achieve success. From small businesses to large ones, we develop AI-based solutions for everyone. No matter what your industry is, our team of professionals will work closely with you to harmonize your needs with bespoke software.

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