Shutterstock Creates New Ad Using 100% Shutterstock Content, Targets Ad Professionals


Shutterstock, the creative content platform, has announced the launch of 100% Shutterstock, which is the company’s new campaign and TV commercial. The commercial is co-produced by Shutterstock Studios and Ridley Scott Creative Group’s RSA Films. The brand partnered with Horizon Media to plan and execute the campaign.

The following is the new advertisement launched by Shutterstock.

An interesting fact of the commercial is that it is created using only Shutterstock’s content. The advertisement asks creatives the question, “What can you create with 100% Shutterstock?”

Talking about the campaign, Rion Swartz, VP of brand marketing at Shutterstock, saidOpens a new window , “There is no better way to tell your clients what you can do, than by showing them. Our new commercial demonstrates the limitless creative possibilities you can achieve with 100% Shutterstock.”

“We leveraged visuals from every area of the Shutterstock business for this campaign, and it was a compelling reminder of just how versatile and far reaching our offering is for our customers globally,” explained Aiden Darné, head of global production, Shutterstock Studios.

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Shutterstock Strengthens Its Offerings

Shutterstock recently expanded its offerings to creators and even advertising professionals through its acquisitions and partnerships. For example, it acquired PicMonkey, an online graphic design and image platform, earlier this month. It also acquired TurboSquid, a 3D content marketplace, in January this year, as per reports. The company also acquired Amper Music, an AI music platform, in November last year. In fact, in July this year, Shutterstock created a subsidiary Shutterstock.AI and announced the acquisition of three AI platforms.

The campaign is aimed at all creative professionals, from individuals to large businesses. While it tries to showcase its gamut of offerings, the company also hopes to inspire creators to utilize its offerings to the maximum.

Swartz said, “We aim to expand the perception of what creators can do with our amazing catalog of assets and highlight our services that can turn your ideas into achievements. Our commercial is about celebrating all the resources available on one platform — from editorial and custom content through our studios offering, to video, music, and 3D rendering, that are, of course, 100% Shutterstock.”

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The Key Driver Behind the Campaign

The demand for non-textual content in campaigns is continuously growing. According to a Venngage survey, only about 14% of professionals said that visual content was either not so important or not important at all. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic put pressure on marketing budgets and emphasized the need for cost-effective services that cater to a predominantly remote audience. While marketers have access to a plethora of tools and creative content, there is a shortage of a cohesive workflow. This forces professionals to spend much of their time jumping between tools and platforms. According to the same Venngage survey, 22% of the respondents cited sourcing data, content, and statistics as the biggest challenge. 100% Shutterstock is expected to alleviate this challenge by providing all the necessary tools, content, and applications to creators on a single platform.

The TV commercial went on air on September 13 and will run until December 12 across 19 cable networks in the U.S., connected TV platforms, including Roku, Hulu, and Amazon Fire TV, and a few other digital and social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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