Spotify Tunes In to Work From Anywhere, Embraces Hybrid Work


Stockholm-based Spotify is rolling out a new work program starting this summer that enables its global employees to continue working fully remote or at least part of the week to support better work-life balance and improve efficiency.

Swedish music and podcast streaming provider Spotify has announced plans to allow employees to work from anywhere (WFA). Spotify’s Work From Anywhere program comes hot on the heels of an announcement last week from Salesforce, which is swapping the 9-to-5 routine for a more flexible approach to work in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In its blogOpens a new window , Spotify revealed the move is not a temporary measure. It is a part of its strategy for increased sustainability, flexibility, well-being, and to give “people more flexibility will support better work-life balance and help tap into new talent pools while keeping our existing band members.”

A Mercer study that surveyed 800 employees found that 94% of respondentsOpens a new window reported the same or even higher productivity levels among employees.

Spotify now supports remote working through our Work From Anywhere program. 🙏

As a hiring manager, this announcement is amazing, it will open Spotify’s doors to so many amazingly talented people who are not able to relocate to one of our offices.

— Shaun Bent (@shaunbent) February 12, 2021Opens a new window

Spotify added, “Operating as a distributed organisation will produce better and more efficient ways of working through more intentional use of communication and collaboration practices, processes and tools.”

Under the program starting this summer, Spotify is introducing My Work Mode, which will allow employees to work:

  • Fully remote
  • From the office, or both

Naturally, employees will have to collaborate with their respective managers to decide the appropriate mix of office and remote work.

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Additionally, employees also have the option to relocate to another city or even country. And if there’s no Spotify office in the vicinity of where the employee has shifted, Spotify will facilitate co-working spaces for them. The statement noted, “Effectiveness can’t be measured by the number of hours people spend in an office. Instead, giving people the freedom to choose where they work will boost effectiveness.”

Going remote permanently also opens up doors to the right talent across the world. Fabiano SouzaOpens a new window , a Senior Product Designer at Spotify, tweetedOpens a new window that the company is hiring.

Spotify operates in 79 countries and is headquartered in Stockholm with regional offices in New York, London, and Tokyo. The company, which maintains an 8,000+ workforceOpens a new window globally, is one of the few tech companies instituting a permanent remote work policy. The company had previously decided on remote work until the end of 2020.

Besides Spotify, Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft, and Atlassian have also embraced hybrid work for employees for future work.

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