Streamlining Management for Virtual Events: Bizzabo Unveils New Solutions


Bizzabo unveils two new solutions for event management

Bizzabo, an event management platform, launched a new Partners Management Solution along with a Speaker Management Solution to streamline the collaboration between event teams and their partners and speakers, increasing efficiency and improving the working relationship between all involved.

“Our new management solutions enable sponsors, exhibitors and speakers to self-manage everything from creating their profiles to delivering superior experiences, and everything in between,” said Eran Ben-Shushan, co-founder and CEO at Bizzabo. “With the launch of these solutions, partners and speakers are empowered to take control of their virtual & hybrid event experiences, and event organizers are better enabled to focus on what is really important– creating a rewarding event that drives business forward.”

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Bizzabo’s Partners Management Solution enables event organizers to consolidate all of their operations– communication, content, tasks, and more– into a single portal, simplifying processes for sponsors and exhibitors. “This is especially imperative right now because we are all working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With this all-in-one portal, partners can ensure their team members are completing tasks on time, wherever the team members may be located,” added Ben-Shushan.

Coupled with existing partnership features, event organizers can plan and provide resources based on tiered packages and different sponsorship opportunities, ensuring every partner can achieve their event partnership goals.

Additional benefits of Bizzabo’s Partners Management Solution:

  • Streamline event operations
  • Communicate effectively with sponsors and exhibitors
  • Deliver superior experiences and strengthen partnerships

Bizzabo’s Speakers Management Solution empowers event organizers by allowing them to collect content, review task submissions, streamline speaker coordination, and manage correspondence — all in one convenient portal.

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“Having everything in one central system with the information automatically synced to and from speakers and sponsors was a huge time saver for us. It is rare to find something like Bizzabo that is truly connected and streamlined.” – Denise Hibbard, senior marketing manager at DJI, the world’s leading aerial photography and drones manufacturer.

Additional Benefits of Bizzabo’s Speakers Management Solution:

  • Save event management teams time and effort
  • Empower collaboration between co-presenters and team members
  • Streamlined workflows (i.e., speakers can keep track of all sessions in one place and join virtual sessions from within the portal)

Both solutions fully integrate with Bizzabo’s Event Success Platform. As a result, they automatically sync data across the entire Bizzabo platform and channels (i.e., web, mobile, etc.) to ensure consistency and accuracy for each aspect of an event. Just as with its other offerings, Bizzabo allows event organizers to fully customize both solutions’ portals to reflect an event’s branding.

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With both tools, the need for event organizers to play email tag with partners and speakers is nullified by allowing event organizers to automate emails, reminding and alerting sponsors and speakers when updates are made to their tasks, or when deadlines are approaching, streamlining the communication process. Plus, with this, partners and speakers are kept up to date with event information in real-time.

Reviving Event Marketing in 2020

While the in-person events calendar for the year faced the brunt of the pandemic, virtual and hybrid events present a new opportunity for organizations. Managing speakers using an on-brand and streamlined experience is key to keep stakeholders engaged and connected. Bizzabo’s new Speaker and Partner management tools provide event organizers with an all-in-one tool to build highly rewarding events, just as they did pre-pandemic.