Swittons Ups the Ante on One-Click Communication, Integrates Its Smart Devices on Teams


Swittons introduce voice and video collaboration to its line up of IoT devices through Microsoft Teams integration. The company also introduced a new biometrics device to administer greater security in healthcare and lifesciences.

After onboardingOpens a new window Swittons for Pharma on Microsoft Azure a couple of months ago, Swittons has now integrated their IoT devices with Microsoft Teams to enable voice, videoOpens a new window communication, and online collaboration across the healthcare and pharma industry. Pharmaceutical commercial, clinical and patient services organizations, healthcare providers, and also physicians can now collaborate for work, consult with patients or with professionals without physically having to pay them a visit.

The support to Microsoft Teams would allow greater adherence to social distancing compliances & regulations, and allows users to avoid needless risks associated with COVID-19Opens a new window . This can be achieved through real-time communication between various stakeholders.

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Mike Ammerlaan, Director of Microsoft 365 Ecosystem marketing at Microsoft Corp. said, “By integrating their solutions with Microsoft Teams, companies like Swittons are able to add value by putting employees of healthcare organizations in a position to succeed in every customer, patient, and partner interaction”.

A bunch of other companies have also introduced their own version of collaboration tools for the healthcare and life sciences community. For example, Epic partnered with TwilioOpens a new window , ViTel Net’s vCare CommandOpens a new window , BioIntelliSense’s BioHubOpens a new window , while TeamViewer offered its Pilot for freeOpens a new window till the end of July.

The P360-owned company also launched a new device, inclusive of a fingerprint scanner.

With options to connect through either GSM or Wi-Fi, and through biometric authentication, the fingerprint model can help professionals ensure total accountability, although it seems like a step in the reverse direction seeing as COVID-19 mandated regulations call for maintaining physical distancing, which begs the question, would an eye scanner be a better option?

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