An easy tutorial on how to use the Git Bash terminal in Windows. Git Bash emulates the Unix bash shell, providing a command-line experience.

This step-by-step guide covers the basic and some advanced Git functions. Learn how to use Git effectively and set up a project with ease.

A guide explaining how Git works and showcasing its most important functions. Learn why Git is indispensable and how to use it effectively.

Learn what Git upstream branches are, what an upstream branch is used for, and how to use set upstream branch in Git.

This tutorial shows four different ways for squashing commits in Git - using git rebase, merge, reset, and the pull request option.

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Git commands listed in a one-page reference cheat sheet. Download the Git Commands Cheat Sheet with all the important commonly used commands.

This tutorial helps you create a new Git branch. Use Git to develop and test optional features before integrating them.

Git fetch command is a safe way to retrieve contents from a remote. Follow our tutorial to learn how to use the git fetch command.