Tech Giants Establish the Metaverse Standards Forum, But Apple Isn’t Among Them


The Metaverse Standards Forum, bringing together the world’s largest tech companies under one roof, will cover major technology areas like 3D assets and rendering, AR & VR, user-generated content, identity management, privacy, and financial transactions.

Some of the world’s largest technology companies have joinedOpens a new window forces to establish an official organization called the Metaverse Standards Forum to give metaverse the boost it deserves. The alliance includes companies like Meta, Microsoft, Adobe, OxSenses, Huawei, IKEA, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Qualcomm Technologies.

Apple is notably absent from the membership list at the moment. However, many predict it will dominate the metaverse competition if it releases its much-rumored mixed reality headset this year or next. Although Bloomberg claims that Apple gave its board an early glimpse of the gadget, the company has not yet officially revealed plans for a headset.

Besides Apple, crypto-based metaverse platforms The Sandbox and Decentraland and gaming giants Roblox and Niantic are not members of the forum, yet.

The Metaverse Standards Forum, which is free to join and open to all organizations, offers a platform for collaboration between standards bodies and businesses. 

Commenting on the establishment of the forum, Stefano Corazza, vice president and a fellow of AR at Adobe, said, “Adobe is excited to join the Metaverse Standards Forum. It is in our history to contribute to the industry by defining foundational standards for digital experiences, as we did with PDF and DNG. Establishing standards is essential to foster collaboration in the Metaverse and allow this new ecosystem to flourish.”

The body would support the growth of interoperability standards for an open, inclusive metaverse and expedite the development and implementation of the technology through practical, project-based initiatives such as hackathons, implementation prototyping, plugfests, and open-source tooling. Additionally, the body will frame a standard language and deployment procedures.

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Vishal Shah, vice president of Metaverse at Meta, commented, “Building a metaverse for everyone will require an industry-wide focus on common standards. The Metaverse Standards Forum can drive the collaboration needed to make this possible, and Meta is committed to this work. Creators, developers, and companies will benefit from the technologies and experiences made possible by common protocols.”

Many experts have opined that the potential of the metaverse will be fully realized if it is based on an open standard. Thus, a network of open interoperability standards developed by SDOs (standards developing organizations) like The Khronos Group, the World Wide Web Consortium, the Open Geospatial Consortium, the Open AR Cloud, the Spatial Web Foundation, and many more will be necessary to build an open and welcoming metaverse at a ubiquitous scale. 

The goal of the Metaverse Standards Forum is to promote consensus-based collaboration between various SDOs and businesses to establish and fit the criteria and priorities for metaverse standards, speeding up their availability and minimizing overlap in work throughout the sector.

Any institution, standards organization, or corporation can participate in the metaverse body (hosted by the Khronos Group) for free by signing a simple participant agreement. Companies can also opt to become principal members if they want to oversee the forum and perhaps sponsor its projects.

“The metaverse will bring together diverse technologies, requiring a constellation of interoperability standards, created and maintained by many standards organizations,” said Neil Trevett, the president of Khronos. “The Metaverse Standards Forum is a unique venue for coordination between standards organizations and industry, with a mission to foster the pragmatic and timely standardization that will be essential to an open and inclusive metaverse.”

The body’s operations will be guided by its participants’ requirements and interests. Also, it may incorporate various technological fields, including 3D assets and rendering, user-generated content, avatars, identity management, privacy, virtual reality, and augmented reality interfaces. The Forum gatherings are set to commence in July 2022.

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