Teradata Expands Disaster Recovery to Public Cloud


Database and enterprise analytics vendor has announced the availability of its DRaaS solution on AWS and Azure public clouds that can be paired with on-premise systems to ensure businesses aren’t locked out of normal operations in the event of an unexpected incident.

Teradata has expanded the availability of its business continuity suite, disaster recoveryOpens a new window as a service (DRaaS) to Vantage on AWS and Vantage on Azure. This signifies the availability of Teradata’s DRaaS for analytics, on two of the major public cloud players, which is additional to the service’s availability for on-premise infrastructure.

It can minimize the downtimeOpens a new window in business that can arise owing to any unexpected encumbrances that disrupt normal functioning of operations. Teradata’s DRaaS leverages object storage for backups that performs computing in a hibernated mode for the secondary Vantage system in the cloud. Customers have the option to backup their on-premise data to the public cloud either daily or weekly.

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Brian Wood, Director and Cloud Advocate at Teradata said, “Disaster Recovery (DR) is increasingly recognized by our customers as necessary, given that an unexpected loss of a production analytics system could mean more than just lost revenue. Unplanned downtime can lead to loss of data and business reputation, decreased client satisfaction and retention, reduced employee morale, productivity issues and legal entanglements.”

The system is designed specifically to springboard an organization back into action in case they face a security breachOpens a new window , a power outage, physical infra damage etc.

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A higher downtime due to any unexpected event has the potential to inflict significantly more damageOpens a new window than the motivation behind the event. This particular example pertains to malware or ransomware intrusions, in the event of which is prudent to recoverOpens a new window organizational data than negotiate with the attackers. The fact that 62% businessesOpens a new window are still using traditional backup tools does not help either.

Teradata DRaaS is available on AWS and Azure for backup and restore and will be available on GCP in 2021.

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