The Buyer’s Journey in a Digital Storytelling Age is Anything But Linear


According to the Mobile Marketing Association, more people in the world own a cell phone than own a toothbrush! – Ginger ShimpOpens a new window , Senior Marketing Director at SAPOpens a new window .

Ginger Shrimp describes the importance of content and the use of an efficient medium to convey the right content. The title of the article itself talks about the ups and downs of a buyer’s journey and the importance of righteous content to engage your buyer. Ginger ShimpOpens a new window , Senior Marketing Director at SAPOpens a new window , shares her thoughtful insights on the relationship between buyer’s journey and the digital content.

Key Takeaways

  1. It is extremely important to convey your content through the right mediums and to the right audience
  2. Ginger described her work as a “mammoth piece of content” including;
    • Infographic
    • Podcast
    • Videos
    • Blogs
    • Short content
  3. Target your buyers according to their position in the buyer’s journey through focused and accurate content
  4. The content viewers or the buyers should feel welcomed by our content as a marketer
  5. Companies should update their content strategy according to the changing pattern in the digital world

Ginger said, “It is mandatory that marketers lead, if you just take a white paper and blast it out by email, all you are doing is basic blocking and tackling, you are not reaching people in the way they optimally consume information.”

We hope you enjoy our insights about the relationship between the buyer’s journey and development in the digital age. To learn more about this inciting combination, please view the full article hereOpens a new window .