TikTok’s Super Bowl Partnerships Drive Second-Screen Ad Experience


This year’s Super Bowl was a big one for TikTok, which has partnered with various major brands targeting the video-sharing app’s users leading to and during the big game.

The Chinese-based app, which rocketed to become the latest global social media craze, is partnering with Hyundai, Mtn Dew and Chipotle to deliver Superbowl-connected ads to TikTok users.

Marketers should pay close attention to how well audiences receive these campaigns. If successful, these high-stakes collaborations could convince brands prowling to replace traditional advertising methods for new, digital alternatives.

Meanwhile, this could be the catalyst that propels TikTok into the marketing mainstream, convincing brands that the investment is worthwhile.

Second screen and Generation Z

Everybody is looking for ways to engage Generation Z effectivelyOpens a new window . TikTok hopes that the Super Bowl match will prove the proposition to doubters.

Indeed, the social media app wants to show marketers that it can leverage a demographic that’s constantly connected to a second screen.

The theory is simple: Meet these youthful, digitally-savvy audiences on their level, where they’re spending time, consuming content and, most importantly, where those individuals are actively engaged.

TikTok, 2018’s most-downloaded app in the iOS App Store and 2019’s second-most-downloaded, is ready to demonstrate that it’s perfectly placed to meet that challenge.Opens a new window

The breadth in style and approach of the various ad partnerships is particularly interesting.

Mtn Dew, for instance, has already launched one part of its campaign on TikTok, using the platform literally to promote an ad it will air during the Super Bowl and to push a promotional hashtag.

Chipotle, meanwhile, is collaborating with some of the app’s most famous content creators, as John Glenday writes for The DrumOpens a new window , “speak to fans directly throughout the match to inform them of free-delivery Sundays for all orders greater than $10 with TikTok Timeout,” a function of the app that will air specific content during each commercial break proceeding a timeout during the Super Bowl.

Why marketers should care

Without doubt, this will be a major event for TikTok. It also could be a big deal generally for digital marketing.

For years, we’ve been positioning the future of digital marketing in the multichannel experience. If TikTok gets it right, it will have provided its users and ad customers with exactly that: cross-platform engagement from one screen to the next.

The ability to deliver on that promise to brands — that its app can actively capture audiences on their second screens — is significant, especially considering that the app has more than 30 million users in the USOpens a new window — and some 800 million monthly users worldwide.

Moreover, the versatility of TikTok’s offerings, with campaign features for both the lead-up to the Super Bowl, as well as in real-time during the event, is impressive.

And the end goal for each is different: While Mtn Dew will look for social engagement, Chipotle is using the in-app advertising for direct sales.

The Super Bowl, clearly, is serving as a testing ground by these marquee brands that want to measure the actual ROI of TikTok impressions. For example, according to Ad Age, Mtn Dew claims its pre-game campaign has already resulted in 130,000 user-generated videos using its hashtag, leading to 240 million impressions.

So far, however, the exact value of this KPI is unclear. Maybe we’ll have a clearer picture after the teams leave the field.