Top 10 Fastest-Growing Corporate Apps


Snowflake, the cloud database software manager that has become one of Silicon Valley’s hottest properties, topped an annual survey ranking the 10 tech firms with the fastest growing enterprise apps.

The apps tend to help companies manage big data in the cloud and provide cybersecurity. The surveyOpens a new window , by Okta Inc., the software maker, offers a snapshot of the direction of technology development and where the priorities lie for large corporations.

Okta analyzed the logins of 7,400 enterprise customers to compile two tables for the survey. One lists the fastest growing enterprise apps and the other shows which are most widely used. (Read on: I include them below).

$3.5 billion value

Snowflake builds data warehouses in the cloud that help companies analyze data from different sources to find business insights. Usage of its app surged 80% in the six months leading up to Okta’s survey, conducted in October 2019.

The startup is valued at about $3.5 billion and has raised more than $920 million in venture capital funding since its 2012 founding, according to The Wall Street Journal. Media reports have suggestedOpens a new window that it may offer an IPO this year.

The second fastest-growing corporate app is Opsgenie.Opens a new window The Atlassian software company’s incident management app organizes alerts from other apps and makes sure they’re correctly prioritized and sent to the right teams.

Hybrid cloud strategy

The Google Cloud PlatformOpens a new window  ranks third, suggesting that large corporations are supplementing cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure with another cloud service while they shift to a hybrid cloud strategy.

The fourth fastest-growing app is SplunkOpens a new window , an app that gathers and analyzes big data.

Another fast-growing app offering search and discovery of big data is Looker, which came sixth in the survey. Acquired by Google last June for $2.6 billion, Looker enables companies to carry out accurate analytics and is used for business intelligence. Seventh-placed Jamf Pro is used to configure and automate IT administration for Apple operating systems and devices.

Cybersecurity component

Several of the top 10 fastest-growing apps have a strong cyber-security component. Second-placed Opsgenie sends out alerts about suspicious cyber activity. Eighth-placed app Knowbe4 offers training about social engineering strategies such as phishing, where hackers analyze the behavior of users to trick them into clicking on attachments that download malware to their computers.

Okta’s annual Business@Work research has been running for six years. This is the first time that the fastest-growing apps have been infrastructure and security tools, the company’s chief executive Todd McKinnon toldOpens a new window Bloomberg. “It’s a natural coming of age,” he said. “We’ve put a bunch of apps in place. Now you have to make sure they are secure, that users aren’t being phished, that you’re using the data in those apps for insights.”

Most popular corporate appsOkta also looked at the most popular and widely used corporate apps of 2019. Microsoft Office 365 came first followed by Salesforce, then Amazon Web Services with G Suite, Google’s package of office tools, in fourth place.

The research shows that Okta’s customers who use Microsoft Office 365 also adopt one or more specialist apps such as Slack or Zoom and nearly a third also use G Suite.

The most widely used apps have changed little in popularity since last year’sOpens a new window Business@Work survey for 2018, with similar positions to this year’s top 10.

But the fastest growing apps have changed considerably. Last year, KnowBe4 took first place, followed by LastPass then Proofpoint.

This year, companies are getting serious about big data and are using apps to extract useful insights to boost sales and improve Business Intelligence.

Top Ten Most Popular Corporate Apps 2019Opens a new window

  1. Microsoft Office 365
  2. Salesforce
  3. Amazon Web Services
  4. G Suite
  5. Atlassian Product Suite
  6. Slack
  7. Zoom
  8. Box
  9. SAP Concur
  10. Cisco Meraki

Fastest growing corporate apps of 2019Opens a new window

  1. Snowflake
  2. Opsgenie
  3. Google Cloud
  4. Splunk
  5. Freshservice
  6. Looker
  7. Jamf Pro
  8. KnowBe4
  9. BeyondTrust
  10. Envoy