Weekly HR Survey Watch: Bullhorn Finds More Than 50% Recruiters Optimistic About Economy, and More


A roundup of the most recent HR surveys by Bullhorn, Paycor, Transearch, and Workplaceless.

More than 50% of recruiting professionals believe the economy will improve by the end of 2020, finds BullhornBullhorn’s Global Recruitment Insights and Data (GRID) COVID-19 Impact Survey found thatOpens a new window 56% of recruiting professionals expect the economy to improve by the end of this year. In addition, 30% of professionals revealed that their business is doing better or at par with last year. Their priorities for 2020 continue to remain providing superior services to their clients as well as candidates. As per the recruiters, there is a rise predicted for remote roles and many of the agencies have worked on upgrading their technology as well as increasing the use of automation for their work.

Paycor and Josh Bersin release report titled “Why HR Technology Matters Now More Than Ever”This report, written by Josh Bersin, focuses on how HR TechnologyOpens a new window has the potential to transform small and medium businesses. The emphasis is on providing the right tools to small or single-person HR teams that such organizations have so that they can evolve to play more strategic roles. The benefits of HR technology for such businesses are significant and cover a range of areas from employee experience, data-backed decision making, and readily available information that can help leaders and business growth.

The reportOpens a new window also contains real case studies to demonstrate the power of such technology.

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50% of employees won’t return to the office after COVID-19 as per Transearch survey COVID-19 will have a far-reaching impact on the workplace. As per responsesOpens a new window from business executives from 10 sectors, 50% of employees will continue to work from home. This shift is a result of awareness on work-from-home tools and the adaptability employees have shown. Businesses are now keen to remain agile and manage as well as thrive when change takes place. There is a need to retain current talent and also continue to hire in the near future.

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Workplaceless finds that unpreparedness affects team productivity as per 2% of senior leadersA recent report on remote work training by Workplaceless sharedOpens a new window that 73% of senior leaders believe that being unprepared to work remotely has had a negative impact on business results. The managers and leaders who received more training on how to work in a virtual setup were more prepared for their roles. It is evident that there is a need for better training and more support to help employees prepare better for this new way of working.