3 Essentials for Delivering Seamless IT Support in 2021


Accommodating employees’ evolving needs through technology is key to attracting and retaining today’s talent. Michael Pitts, President of IVM, Inc., lists three ways companies can keep pace with IT demands to keep employees productive and happy in the year ahead.

In early 2020, when many businesses switched to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, IT teams were front and center as they quickly worked to transition employees across the globe to a virtual setting. From introducing video chat systems to building remote servers to getting employees proper equipment, IT was responsible for ensuring people had what they needed to do their jobs. Nearly a year later, as business leaders and employees alike have adapted to new environments, technology remains the functional thread connecting people to how they want to do their jobs.  

While IT has played an essential role for businesses throughout the pandemic, organizations must continue adapting and innovating their IT solutions to be more effective, cost-efficient, and user-friendly than ever before. Accommodating employees’ evolving needs through technology is key to attracting and retaining today’s talent. Here are three ways companies can keep pace with IT demands to keep employees productive and happy in the year ahead:

Leverage Automation to Streamline Service Requests 

According to MetricNetOpens a new window , the average first-level resolution rate for service desk requests is 74.3%. This indicates that IT teams are spending significant time handling requests that could be repetitive, handled via self-help services, or solved by referring to IT resources like internal FAQ pages. Leveraging intelligent automation technologies helps free up valuable time for IT professionals who are spending time on simple requests instead of focusing on more complex tasks or initiatives. 

Digital assistants that answer questions and track inquiries, for example, can help automate processes for IT teams while ensuring employees get instant responses to their ticket requests. Enterprises that invest in the power of intelligent automation to increase productivity for IT departments will not only meet the needs of their employees but also generate opportunities for significant cost and time savings. 

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Invest in Enhanced Reporting Capabilities 

The pandemic has accelerated the need to reduce company costs, and IT departments will continue to be asked to do more with less. Collecting data to capture key trends such as the number of service ticket requests, supply usage, or hardware inventory levels can help organizations reduce costs and see bigger picture trends that will better inform spending. 

The ability to report this data quickly and accurately will be essential, as company leaders look for high-level numbers documenting savings, progress, and productivity. In addition to saving valuable time, investing in refreshed reporting software that automatically tracks key trends and leverages data analytics to provide insights will give IT new levels of visibility and control. Looking for programs that offer user-friendly interfaces, the ability to create custom reports and spot trends in real-time can help IT obtain actionable data and improve their business operations. 

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Meet Employees with IT Support Wherever They Are

Many businesses will continue to operate in hybrid approaches and offer location flexibility moving forward. With some employees in a traditional office, some working in their homes, and others relocating to different time zones, employees will have varying needs based on their work environment.  

To accommodate workers across a spectrum of physical settings, IT teams should invest in solutions that offer personalized, contactless support to give employees peace-of-mind without being in-person. For example, a video chat feature that lets employees communicate with IT staff about hardware issues or a kiosk located in a field office that allows IT to access an employees’ device remotely will ensure employees have access to tech support at all times.

As the pandemic continues to play out, companies must prioritize technology and IT support services to ensure employees get real-time and efficient support. Investing in intelligent automation to streamline processes, leveraging data analytics for reporting, and providing personalized remote support are must-haves when approaching employees’ evolving IT needs.

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