Visual Search Engine

Create an engaging search experience and increase customer satisfaction with the help of our custom-built visual search application

Snowflake deployment services

ESSID Solutions is a trusted Snowflake service provider with 9 years of experience. We build robust Snowflake solutions and assist global companies in Snowflake deployment.

Custom-Built Recommendation Systems

ESSID Solutions builds custom recommendation systems to help you engage your customers. Contact us and tap into solutions for your business.

Predictive Analytics Solutions Development

ESSID Solutions builds custom predictive analytics solutions to anticipate future customer behavior and steer your business in the right direction.

Full-Cycle Office 365 Migration Services

We offer seamless and secure Office 365 migration services to help you transform and consolidate your enterprise data into a single solution based on Microsoft 365.

Modern Data Architecture Consulting & Development

Let modern data architecture consultants analyze your business requirements and needs, and guide you through data architecture consulting & development processes. I Big Data consulting & development services I Data architecture I Data lakes & pipelines I Data Analytics & Visualization.

Logo Recognition and Brand Monitoring

Enhance your marketing efforts and evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with our AI-based logo detection and brand monitoring algorithm

Large Language Model Development and Consulting

Full-cycle large language model development services from a professional AI and NLP company. 150+ projects across 5 industries. Kick-off within 2 weeks.

Intelligent Document Processing

Custom Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions development to manage text-based processes, streamline document flow, improve workforce allocation, and overall performance.

Сustom Image Recognition and Picture Analysis Software Development

Improve data accuracy, reduce input errors, and optimize business processes with our custom image recognition solutions.Improve data accuracy, reduce input errors, and optimize business processes with custom image recognition solutions developed according to your business’ specifics and domain you work in. Get compelling results in your niche to boost revenue and outstand competitors.

Human Pose Estimation and Analysis Software Development

We are ready to add value to your business with the help of our custom efficient human body pose estimation apps and solutions development services tailored to your needs.

Generative AI Company and Development Partner

Unlock the startling power of generative AI for business management. Leading AI development company with 9+ years of experience and 150+ projects. Kick-off within 2 weeks.

Databricks Managed Services and Consulting

Looking for end-to-end Databricks services? We are a group of Databricks consulting experts that will help you hold the road of data analytics with a full suite of Databricks tools.

Data Warehouse Consultants

ESSID Solutions is a leading BI and DWH company that provides turnkey data warehouse consulting services and assists companies in maximizing the value of data.

Data Science Services and Solution Development

Dedicated data science services to provide unique and contextual insights into your data based on AI & ML. A trusted data analytics partner with 150+ delivered projects.

Data Migration Consulting

Looking for data migration consulting? Our data migration services cover all types of data transfers and help you move your assets with no disruption to your business.

Customer Experience Consulting Services

Turn your company’s CX into its greatest competitive advantage with the help of our AI-driven customer experience consulting and development services.

Custom Web Development Services to Empower Your Business

Transform your business with our deep expertise in web development. We build comprehensive custom web solutions applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help our clients get a competitive edge.

Custom Document Management Development and AI-Driven Solutions

Advanced document management software development services tailored to the unique needs and requirements to enable you to derive more value from your data.

Sentiment Analysis Services For Your Project

vLeverage our sentiment analysis services to tap into the minds of your customers and fuel your business growth. 9+ years in the market. Experienced NLP team.

Custom Cloud Services Partner

Looking for custom cloud services? ESSID Solutions is a team of 80+ data engineers that provides a full spectrum of cloud services – from consultation to cloud software development.

ChatGPT Integration Services and Solutions

ChatGPT integration services that make your business workflows smarter. ESSID Solutions is a Generative AI company with 9+ years of experience and 80+ AI experts.

Business Intelligence Implementation Services

Set up your BI initiatives for success with our comprehensive BI implementation roadmap and BI solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

Big Data Engineering Services

Smart Big Data Engineering services for your needs. Big Data consulting & development services I Data architecture I Data lakes & pipelines I Data Analytics & Visualization.

Big Data Development Services

ESSID Solutions’ big data application development and AI services help businesses innovate, experiment with the best big data technologies, and explore new ways of leveraging data.

Big Data Analytics Solutions

Big Data Analytics Services for Manufacturing ​​| Retail | Healthcare and Pharma | Finance | Travel and Hospitality | Energy and Utilities, etc.

Azure Data Analytics Partner

Put your data to good use and augment your decision-making with our Azure data analytics services. Hire a team of professional Azure engineers at ESSID Solutions.

AWS Serverless Services

Eliminate the burden of server management with an innovative server-free architecture. Let our team help you build and deploy on AWS serverless for greater scalability.

AWS IoT Development Services

Forge the path to connectivity with our end-to-end AWS IoT services. ESSID Solutions is a veteran team of 80+ experts with 9+ years of experience.

AWS Data Analytics

Implement AWS data analytics to manage data security and governance, streamline operations and improve decision-making. Let the ESSID Solutions team help you extract actionable insights from your data to spur your business growth.

AWS Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Adopt AI and machine learning on AWS to improve decision-making, predict business outcomes, and accelerate performance. Let the ESSID Solutions team help you transform your data into action.

Transform Your Business with Custom-Built AI Software

Strong team of artificial intelligence software developers ready to help you to transform your business, achieve unprecedented gains, and leave your competitors far behind.

AI-Driven Mobile App Development

ESSID Solutions offers innovative AI-powered mobile apps development tailored to your business needs and requirements to increase user engagement and revenue.

AI-Driven Customer Care Analytics for Call Centers

Custom AI Call Center Solutions to automate customer analytics, optimize your call center efficiency and enhance your brand loyalty around customers. Implement robust customer care analytics to make impactful decisions and level up your customer service.

AI Consulting and Custom AI Solutions Development

ESSID Solutions provides artificial intelligence consulting to help organizations leverage machine learning technologies and builds breakthrough custom AI solutions.

Custom AI Chatbot Development Services

AI chatbot development services from experts with 10 years of experience and a portfolio of 150+ projects. ESSID Solutions’ team leverages the latest generative AI models to build custom chatbots for your business.