AI-Powered Data Cataloging Simplified: Informatica Acquires Compact LLC


Informatica Announces the Acquisition of Compact LLC

Informatica, the enterprise cloud data management company, expands its product portfolio with the acquisition of Compact Solutions LLC. In an announcement made last week, the company said Compact’s acquisition will help it bolster its metadata management capabilities and cement its leadership in data cataloguing. The acquisition is also expected to help existing Informatica customers to accelerate their analytics, data governance, privacy, and data warehouse modernization programs by simplifying migration and processing.

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“In today’s environment, companies are being forced to achieve digital transformation far faster than they ever planned or anticipated. As such, Chief Data Officers need AI-powered data governance tools to simplify the entire process of managing, cataloging and governing data so they can be successful,” said Amit Walia, CEO of Informatica. “This acquisition will further extend and accelerate Informatica’s leadership in metadata-driven AI and automation, and support our strategy to deliver on Data 4.0 for today’s CDOs, helping them not only survive, but thrive in the rapidly changing business landscape today.”
Compact Solutions LLC, formerly known as Compact Solutions MetaDex, was founded in Poland in 2003 and quickly emerged as a leading player in the data governance and compliance market. Compact’s acquisition is a strategic move by Informatica to improve data ingesting abilities for its Enterprise Data Catalog. It will also help the company provide a more complete, detailed, and automated data lineage view for enterprise data assets, eliminating blind spots and black boxes.

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Why Should Marketers Care?

As we see a sharp spike in adoption of data management solutions, thanks to shorter transformation journeys and the accelerating pace of digital innovations, organizations must become more efficient in finding managing, and gleaning insights from massive amounts of complex, scattered data sets.
That’s where data cataloging solutions like Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog promise to simplify collaboration and analysis around data sources. As marketing becomes more data-driven than ever before, augmented data catalogs can prove to be a competitive differentiator.

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Informatica’s Intelligent Data Platform, augmented with an AI engine, delivers advanced capabilities designed for rapid discovery, curation, and sharing of data and metadata at scale, allowing businesses to obtain end-to-end visibility regardless of where it resides.

Through the lens of data compliance and governance, cataloging is an effective approach to developing a comprehensive data governance strategy as well as enabling a multitude of use cases that support marketing teams, regulatory needs, and analytics and artificial intelligence- (AI) driven initiatives.
To that end, Informatica’s acquisition of Compact Solutions LLC, signifies the vendor ecosystem’s shifting focus from data management capabilities towards improving organizations’ access to improved data intelligence.