Cisco’s Grab for ThousandEyes Shows the Value of Network Visibility in Crisis


For Cisco, ThousandEyes, a network monitoring company is a logical buy given that the crisis has accelerated the need for greater visibility into network performance and monitoring.

For investorsOpens a new window and analysts who have been watching ThousandEyes from the sidelines, this acquisition by a big name networking giant is perhaps conventional — given how Silicon Valley startups are brought under the fold sooner or later. But, ThousandEyes is no ordinary networking startup — in fact, it gave network computing, a much-neglected domain a complete makeover by building an agentless solution built for the modern SaaS economy for monitoring cloud and external networks.

At a time when the SaaS economy was still up and coming and organizations were beginning to lean into the cloud, ThousandEyes, founded by two scientists Mohit Lad and Ricardo Oliveira built a solution that can help understand the internet environment and give visibility into application performance running on third-party infrastructure.

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ThousandEyes has differentiated itself from the rest of the networking startups by delivering an intelligent, granular solution — on the lines of a “Google Maps” for network traffic and a real-time map of the internet that fits neatly into Cisco’s portfolio of network management solutions. Under Cisco’s umbrella, ThousandEyes will do all of this — network visibility, and improve network and application performance across enterprise and cloud networks at a much bigger scale. For Cisco and its customers, this buy is a big win.

The acquisition Opens a new window will give Cisco the muscle it needs to gain visibility into application performance and drive end-to-end visibility into the digital delivery of applications and services over the Internet. And not surprisingly, ThousandEyes’ capabilities will be put to work across Cisco’s core enterprise networking and cloud, and AppDynamics portfolios to enhance visibility across the enterprise, internet, and the cloud.

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Todd Nightingale, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cisco Enterprise Networking and Cloud sharedOpens a new window , “With thousands of agents deployed throughout the Internet, ThousandEyes’ platform has an unprecedented understanding of the Internet and grows more intelligent with every deployment. With ThousandEyes, AppDynamics and Cisco SD-WAN technology, we will have the ability to improve the performance, reliability, and scalability of all the applications on which we depend so much.”

Speaking about the acquisition, Sequoia Capital partner Carl Eschenbach and ex-President and COO at VMware tweetedOpens a new window :

.@mohitladOpens a new window & @rvelosoOpens a new window : It’s a rare opportunity to partner with founders filled with such conviction. What you’ve built at @thousandeyesOpens a new window has completely redefined network management solutions. Excited for your next chapter as part of @CiscoOpens a new window . a new window

— Carl Eschenbach (@carl_eschenbach) May 28, 2020Opens a new window

Mohit Lad, Co-Founder, and CEO, ThousandEyes notedOpens a new window , “We decided to become part of Cisco because we saw the potential to do much more, much faster, and truly create a legacy for ThousandEyes. It’s a great outcome no doubt for employees and investors, but we also made this decision knowing this would be a great outcome for our customers—whose best interests have always been at the center of every decision we make at ThousandEyes.”

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